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    (å`vänt´-gärd`; 277)
n.1.The van or advanced body of an army. See Vanguard.
2.Same as avant-garde, n..
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Also from Italy, Marni footwear offers an avant-guard spirit that will be sure to delight (in stores).
It builds on earlier successful cultural endeavors by the fund, including organizing concerts by the Mariinsky orchestra, and a Russian avant-guard art exhibition in Saudi Arabia in 2019, in partnership with Saudi Aramco and the Kingdom's Public Investment Fund (PIF).
The IRC has always been the avant-guard of all religious communities, a trailblazer.
Lack of confidence in own anti-submarine capability and fear of so called "only Pakistan Navy submarine presence at sea" was evident with resorting to option of dropping random depth bombs while IN ships were in submarine probable areas, in clear disregard for the marine ecosystem and the health of marine life.It was unfortunate astronomical chakra for India whereby at the most crucial standoff stage with Pakistan in recent years, availability of avant-guard (for India) Kilo Class submarines remained minimal only one could stay out while remaining were under some sort of maintenance.
While Huawei flagship products like the P and Mate series are known for introducing ground breaking technologies to the smartphone industry in the premium segment; when it comes to the mid-range one, Nova series is one of the most popular as it caters for young digital millennials and tech savvy users; thanks to its Avant-guard design and trendy visual elements.
Her avant-guard approach to art and fashion has made her a thought leader in many projects working in collaboration with scientists from engineer to chemistry.
The State Tretyakov Gallery spokesmen, whose exhibition 'Two Avant-guards' will open in Doha on December 4, are to speak about Russian avant-guard and its place in the history of art.
Buildings of right-angled geometry sometimes shade in light pink provide iconic avant-guard structures contrasting with the city's traditional buildings.
Turbo Global said Avant-Guard and Zane supported the strategy of its global license by serving as vendors during the three-year beta phase of the company's OnNow TV WEB television platform.
Avant-Guard artists still deeply respected sports (and sportsmen) when
Overall it proved to be a very successful and rewarding evening showcasing some original, ingenious and occasionally avant-guard designs from the overwhelmingly talented Finham Park students.