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Immoderately desirous of wealth or gain; greedy.

av′a·ri′cious·ly adv.
av′a·ri′cious·ness n.
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Noun1.avariciousness - extreme greed for material wealthavariciousness - extreme greed for material wealth  
greed - excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves
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Excessive desire for more than one needs or deserves:
Informal: grabbiness.
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It was quite evident from his very mannerism that Thurid had keenly guessed the man's weakness--even the clawlike, clutching movement of the fingers betokened the avariciousness of the miser.
But yet, with the persistent avariciousness of the white man, the Arabs clung to their loot, and when morning came forced the demoralized Manyuema to take up their burdens of death and stagger on into the jungle.
However, to curtail the avariciousness of the governors, Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit, NFIU had issued a guideline to reduce vulnerabilities created by cash withdrawals from local government funds throughout the country.
To the extent estates are taxed, their value will be reduced, and people will take wasteful (8) steps to preserve them from the avariciousness of the tax authorities.
A society which should have followed a set pattern of beliefs and principles, yet it becomes an easy prey to materialism, avariciousness, alienation and isolation gifted from the modern and progressive world.
The suffrage leader Lucy Stone wrote to Anthony that "[Rose's] face is so essentially Jewish, that the people remarked the likeness and feared her." Stone also complained about Rose's avariciousness on the lecture trail.
Stevens, Correspondence: Tucson, Ariz., MIXER & SERVER, June 15, 1916, al 56, 56 (noting that "The blighting effect of low wages and the rapid decaying process which sets in on the vitals of a community wherever the Oriental hand of avariciousness and cheap living gets its grip").
The rationale for the burgeoning fake click instances is the avariciousness of companies to boost their profile on the social media and to lure additional customers.
This contribution was only possible for them when they freed their hearts from avariciousness (shuhh).
Morrison focuses upon the unbridled growth of Euro-American avariciousness and possessiveness as points of departure harbingering racialized slavery in America.
However, cooperation is not possible among `Revisionist States' because they have avariciousness to dominate the strategic environment for themselves.
Moreover, the clerics are considered to be having avariciousness for power and finances, and would go far away for gaining power, pelf and prestige at any way.