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Noun1.avaritia - reprehensible acquisitivenessavaritia - reprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth (personified as one of the deadly sins)
deadly sin, mortal sin - an unpardonable sin entailing a total loss of grace; "theologians list seven mortal sins"
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1, 271: <<Viduas vero doceamus esse prudentes circa fidem Domini, interpellantes sine intermissione pro omnibus, longe recedentes ab omni calumnia, detrectatione, falso testimonio, avaritia et omni malo; cognoscentes, quod altare Dei sint et quod ille omnia clare perspiciat nihilque eum lateat .
The wave subsides, and they all return to their old selves, realizing as they do the distortions that avaritia or greed had worked on them.
63) Moreover, it was Calvin, whose departure from the Scholastic condemnation of usury (upheld firmly in Sixtus V's Detestabilis avaritia in 1586), who provided the theological reasoning necessary to allow moneylending on interest in Protestant countries such as England, although many schemes and dodges had existed in Catholic countries for centuries.
During entomological surveys in the Kuankuoshui National Nature Reserve of Guizhou Province, female specimens of Culicoides belonging to an undescribed species of the subgenus Avaritia were collected.
Walid, who won the Best Short award for his film, Bra-et Al Rouh at the Best Shorts competition in California in 2012, is currently filming Avaritia, about a money obsessed banker.
En la temprana Edad Media se desarrollo como instrumento guia de las emociones la doctrina de los siete pecados capitales, doctrina que condenaba junto a la superbia, la avaritia, la luxuria, la ira, la gula y la invidia, tambien la acedia.
3, where by means of a dialogue between the poet and the Stoic philosopher Damasippus the former parodies the famous Stoic paradox that only the sapiens is mentally sound, while every fool is insane (4), the hellebore is considered to be an antidote for passions such as avaritia, ambitio and audacia; cf.
Inrupit in res optime positas avaritia et, dum seducere aliquid cupid atque suum vertere, omnia fecit aliena et in angustum se ex immense redigit.
The same has to be said in the context of an interesting passage on the Macedonian administration in Iran: Invisum Macedonum nomen avaritia eorum (scil.
quicquam gratuito facit), hence greed is living amongst the dead (ergo et inter mortuos avaritia vivit; 6,18,6).
phytogeny (Figure), which includes GenBank sequences representing all 5 species of the subgenus Avaritia (including C.
Finalmente, el contrato trino--que, como se ha indicado, salvo por Azpilcueta, no era aceptado por los demas doctores teologos hispanos--fue declarado ilicito precisamente en 1586 por el Papa Sixto V en su Bula Detestabilis avaritia, por la que condenaba los contratos de asociacion en los que, cualquiera que fuese el resultado, se previera que el capital no se veria afectado por las perdidas y que cada ano se pagaria una cantidad fija al socio o participe: el arriendo de la ganancia.