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Not associated with or supplied by blood vessels.

a·vas′cu·lar′i·ty (-lăr′ĭ-tē) n.


(Physiology) (of certain tissues, such as cartilage) lacking blood vessels
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Adj.1.avascular - without blood vessels
vascular - of or relating to or having vessels that conduct and circulate fluids; "vascular constriction"; "a vascular bundle"
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Study Identifies Genetic Variant That Signifies Higher Risk for Avascular Necrosis in Children with Acute Leukemia
The Saarland University operates in SaarbrE-cken an avascular, separated into waste waste collection at the individual buildings of the University of the Saarland, the AN-Institute and.
Masterson added that a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit a local resident, 10-year-old Benjamin Duvelson of Union, who was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, and recently, avascular necrosis of the left hip, and has endured multiple hospitalizations and treatments.
She started having leg pains, diagnosed as avascular necrosis.
A healing complication was defined as either: loss of reduction, varus malunion, avascular necrosis, screw penetration into the glenohumeral joint, or plate impingement based on symptoms and radiographic findings.
The incident led to avascular necrosis (AVN) of her distal tibia - or a lack of blood supply to her shinbone.
On day 7 the patient developed worsening pain and a repeat ultrasound revealed an enlarged avascular right testicle.
In addition to establishing a protocol for implementing hydroxyurea therapy, the guideline addresses changes in pneumococcal vaccination recommendations for adults and children; annual transcranial Doppler screening coupled with long-term transfusion therapy when necessary to prevent stroke in children aged 2-16 years; rapid initiation of opioids for severe pain during vasoocclusive crises; analgesics and physical therapy for avascular necrosis; ACE inhibitor treatment for adults with microalbuminuria; referral to specialists for screening and treatment of proliferative retinopathy; echocardiography to assess signs of pulmonary hypertension; and monitoring for iron overload in patients receiving transfusion therapy.
Avascular necrosis (AVN) of the lunate (Kienbock's disease) is characterized initially by high signal intensity on fluid sensitive sequences, with low signal intensity on all sequences later in disease progression.
His ailment, the committee told him, was due to wrong medication which had resulted in avascular necrosis -- the death of bone tissue due to lack of blood supply -- and made him wheelchair-bound.
Avascular necrosis of the femoral head in a patient with Behcet's disease.
It also provides postoperative unicompartmental off-loading for the optimization of the surgical prevention of osteoarthritis and could be used for other unicompartmental knee conditions that require off-loading, movement restriction and pain relief, such as meniscal repair, avascular necrosis, and condylar bone marrow lesions.