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Not associated with or supplied by blood vessels.

a·vas′cu·lar′i·ty (-lăr′ĭ-tē) n.


the condition of having few blood vessels or of being without blood vessels
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1) Angiography can have a variable appearance, ranging from avascularity to intense hypervascularity that can be seen with an arteriovenous malformation or hemangiopericytoma.
18) Avascularity is a risk factor, which should be given primary consideration and the presence of teeth in the line of fracture are others.
Relative avascularity, which limits fluid absorption.
Mitomycin C augmented glaucoma surgery: evolution of filtering bleb avascularity, transconjunctival oozing, and leaks.
Although radical debridement, acute compression, and lengthening are recommended for nonunion with bone defects due to osteomyelitis in the literature [12, 13], we preferred additionally bone grafting to treat nonunion and shortening for this extreme hemophilia patient because of the lack of biological factors, such as avascularity of the bone end atrophic pseudarthrosis formation.
Presumably due to the drug's poor penetration, which is caused by avascularity and dense co-aggregations of actinomycosis known as sulphur granules, it is usually necessary to treat actinomycosis for a duration as long as 6-12 months.
Treatment for air sac trematodes is especially difficult because of the relative avascularity of the air sacs.
Due to the avascularity of the cornea, patients with cancer, who would be contraindicated to donate other tissues, are eligible for corneal donation [2].
Peripheral eosinophilia, however, is not a constant finding in gnathostomiasis and is often absent in ocular gnathostomiasis because of the avascularity of the anterior chamber.
There are many ocular features and complications of retinopathy of prematurity including: avascularity of the peripheral retina, extra-retinal fibrovascular proliferation, vitreous haemorrhage, retinal detachment, leukocoria, and engorgement of retinal and iris vessels.
Patella Fracture: Excessive bone resection, misalignment, single and wide central hole, avascularity due to lateral genicular artery injury, excessive flection, rise in joint level, thermal necrosis due to the cement are the factors paving the way for patella fractures [17, 7, 8, 27].
Once the hip joint is dislocated, early reduction in an atraumatic fashion is necessary to reduce the period of avascularity to the femoral head.