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interj. Nautical
Used as a command to stop or desist.

[From Middle Dutch hou vast, hold fast : hou, houd, imperative of houden, to hold + vast, fast; see past- in Indo-European roots.]


sentence substitute
(Nautical Terms) nautical stop! cease!
[C17: perhaps from Dutch hou'vast hold fast]


(əˈvæst, əˈvɑst)
imperative verb. Naut.
(used as a command to stop or cease).
[1675–85; perhaps < Dutch houdvast hold fast]
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But avast, he added, tapping his forehead, you haint no objections to sharing a harpooneer's blanket, have ye?
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com/2014/09/26/what-is-the-bash-bug-and-how-do-i-prevent-my-systems-from-being-shellshocked/) Avast to know the machine's status and how to resolve it against Bash bug:
And perhaps as a result of this wealth of information to remember, a recent survey by anti-virus firm Avast found that while 90% of those surveyed intended to change their password after April's Heartbleed bug scare, only 40% actually did.
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