(ə-vônt′, ə-vänt′)
Hence; away.

[Middle English, forward, from Old French avant, from Latin abante : ab-, from; see ab-1 + ante, before; see ante-.]


sentence substitute
archaic go away! depart!
[C15: from Old French avant! forward!, from Late Latin ab ante forward, from Latin ab from + ante before]


(əˈvɔnt, əˈvɑnt)

adv. Archaic.
away; hence (used interjectionally).
[1275–1325; Middle English < Middle French avant to the front < Late Latin ab ante before. See ab-, ante-]
References in classic literature ?
I am not bound to do more; enchantments avaunt, and God uphold the right, the truth, and true chivalry!
On the other hand, your little body looks an inch higher, your eyes look resolute, as much as to say, 'Avaunt, false one!
CHORUS Hence, stranger, hence avaunt! Thou doest wrong In this, and wrong in all that thou hast done.
But suddenly she closed the book, and gave it back to Philip, shaking her head with a backward movement, as if to say "avaunt" to floating visions.
I will die a Saxon true in word, open in deed I bid thee avaunt! touch me not, stay me not!
Others are B, Avaunt 150 SC Indoxacarb, Orthene Pellet-Acephate, Marshal 250 EC-Carbosulfan, Match 50 EC-Lufenuron and Fastac 10 EC-alpha-cypermethrin.
Contract award notice: plant protection avaunt 150ec or equivalent.
Avaunt, you cullions!" (3.2.19-20) Fluellen commands.
Shush!' my fellow passenger concluded, frightened, like myself putting her fingers to her lips and thereby arresting the cry rising in my throat: 'Avaunt, Satan!' That's what I'd been about to cry out.
This representation is clear when Joy declares 'avaunt; that all the I'le may sing, / Now Envies gone, in peace w'enjoy our King' (C4v).
And then there are the biggest customers of DuPont in India-farmers who buy its insecticides, Avaunt and Rynaxypyr.