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avoirdupois (weight).
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AVDP will invest in agricultural mechanization, irrigation and water management.
The purposes of AVDP is to improve the quality of life of the rural populace of UC Ayun.
Logo, o objetivo deste artigo e propor um sistema de suporte a decisao (SSD) para gestao de AVDP em areas de preservacao permanente (APP) de corpos hidricos urbanos.
City planner Ross Mitchell says the goals of the AVDP are economic development related to the airport and to the economic well-being of the city, regulating land-use and urban development within AVDP boundaries to ensure compatibility with airport requirements, and airport noise management to minimize any detrimental affects on residential environments.
Unit Equivalent in Mass 1 short ton = 0.907 184 7 (2,000 lb) 1 long ton = 1.016 047 1 pound (lb) = 0.453 592 37 (a) 1 pound = 0.384 647 (b) uranium oxide (lb [U.sub.3] [O.sub.8]) 1 ounce, = 28.349 52 avoirdupois (avdp oz) Volume 1 barrel of = 0.158 987 3 oil (bbl) 1 cubic yard = 0.764 555 ([yd.sup.3]) 1 cubic foot = 0.028 316 85 ([ft.sup.3]) 1 U.S.