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1. An expression of greeting or farewell.
2. Ave Roman Catholic Church Ave Maria.

[Middle English, from Latin avē.]


(ˈɑːvɪ; ˈɑːveɪ)
sentence substitute
welcome or farewell


1. (Roman Catholic Church) short for Ave Maria See Hail Mary
2. (Roman Catholic Church) the time for the Angelus to be recited, so called because of the threefold repetition of the Ave Maria in this devotion
3. (Roman Catholic Church) the beads of the rosary used to count the number of Ave Marias said
[C13: from Latin: hail!]




abbreviation for
(Human Geography) avenue


(ˈɑ veɪ, ˈeɪ vi)

1. hail; welcome.
2. farewell; good-bye.
3. the salutation “ave.”
4. (cap.) Ave Maria.
[1200–50; Middle English < Latin: imperative 2nd singular of avēre to be well, fare well]




ABBR =avenueAv., Avda.

Ave (Maria)

nAve(-Maria) nt
References in classic literature ?
Begar, me remember dem ver well," said the French lieutenant: "me ave read them at school in dans Madam Daciere, des Greek, des Trojan, dey fight for von woman--ouy, ouy, me ave read all dat.
Will you pe take de odder pottle, or ave you pe got zober yet and come to your zenzes?
One thousand Aves and as many Credos, said standing with arms outstretched before the shrine of the Virgin, may help thee to remember that the Creator hath given us two ears and but one mouth, as a token that there is twice the work for the one as for the other.
Item, that upon brother Ambrose reproving him for this blasphemous wish, he did hold the said brother face downwards over the piscatorium or fish-pond for a space during which the said brother was able to repeat a pater and four aves for the better fortifying of his soul against impending death.
I serve the duty of my chapel duly and truly Two masses daily, morning and evening, primes, noons, and vespers, aves, credos, paters ''
Locals and visitors alike flock to the African-American Panoramic Experience Museum (APEX) (135 Auburn Ave.
We're extremely pleased to complement our Ave Maria Funds with this conservative cash investment option," said George P.
KOINS Corp, 21455 Melrose Ave Ste 22, Southfield, MI, 48075-7905 tel: 248/359-2425 fax: 248/355-3283
5 million first mortgage and a $3 million line of credit for Doric Apartment Corporation, a 434-unit co-op located at 100 Manhattan Ave.
Like all the Ave Maria Mutual Funds, the Ave Maria Small Cap Fund is a no load fund and will offer investors another way to diversify their portfolios within the Ave Maria family of funds.
Dike-O-Seal Inc, 3965 S Keeler Ave, Chicago, IL, 60632-3879 tel: 773/254-3224 fax: 773/254-3227