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 (ə-vĕn′chə-rēn′, -rĭn) also a·ven·tu·rin (-rĭn)
1. An opaque or semitranslucent brown glass flecked with small metallic particles, often of copper or chromic oxide.
2. Any of several varieties of quartz or feldspar flecked with particles of mica, hematite, or other materials. Also called sunstone.

[French, from aventure, accident (so called because of its accidental discovery or the randomness of inclusions in it); see adventure.]

a·ven′tu·rine′ adj.


(əˈvɛntjʊrɪn) or




1. (Elements & Compounds) a dark-coloured glass, usually green or brown, spangled with fine particles of gold, copper, or some other metal
2. (Minerals) Also called: sunstone a light-coloured translucent variety of orthoclase feldspar containing reddish-gold particles of iron compounds
3. (Minerals) a variety of quartz containing red or greenish particles of iron oxide or mica: a gemstone
[C19: from French, from Italian avventurina, from avventura chance; so named because usually found by accident; see adventure]


(əˈvɛn tʃəˌrin, -tʃər ɪn)

also a•ven•tu•rin

(-tʃər ɪn)

1. an opaque brown glass containing fine, gold-colored particles.
2. any of several varieties of minerals, esp. quartz or feldspar, spangled with bright particles of mica, hematite, or other minerals.
Also called goldstone.
[1805–15; < French, derivative of aventure chance]
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Noun1.aventurine - a translucent quartz spangled with bits of mica or other minerals
quartz - a hard glossy mineral consisting of silicon dioxide in crystal form; present in most rocks (especially sandstone and granite); yellow sand is quartz with iron oxide impurities
goldstone - aventurine spangled densely with fine gold-colored particles
transparent gem - a gemstone having the property of transmitting light without serious diffusion
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iron and aventurine. The last material is of particular significance because of its relevance to the new $71,000 Code 11.59 Perpetual Calendar timepiece that had a trunk to itself within the lounge.
Most likely, this car is made by special order, as it was painted in red Aventurine Red, available only for a surcharge of 2.4 thousand euros.
Other famous glazes were used, eg, sunstone, eggshell, fiery crystalline, aventurine and merged and curdled glazes.
The model is offered with special paint finishes, including Aventurine Red metallic and Frozen Dark Grey metallic, plus Mediterranean Blue metallic.
Tribune News Network Doha Demonstrating its rich British history and quality Swiss craftsmanship, Arnold & Son has unveiled a new version of the HM Perpetual Moon with a blue Aventurine stone dial.
If you are open to using feng shui items, the green aventurine Happy Buddha statue is said to help with your physical and mental well-being.
Daphney Monsurate, a 58-year-old Indian national from Dubai, won a BMW 760Li xDrive (Aventurine Red) in series 1703 with ticket number 0445.
Endowed with an automatic movement equipped with an exclusive module developed in collaboration with the Dutch watchmaker Christiaan van der Klaauw, the celestial timepiece possesses a truly unique time display: a shooting star in rhodium-plated gold that appears against a backdrop of seven aventurine discs placed in concentric circles within the dial, several rotating individually with the watch movement.
Until the princess's promise of a home in the castle, only her friendship with Aventurine -- a young dragon under enchantment and in human form -- gave her that safety.
It tells the story of Silke, the witty best friend of dragonturned-girl Aventurine, who is the star of the first book.
Take your hydration to the next level with the Forever Young Gem-Water Bottle and you'll be conveniently drinking water that is enlivened with aventurine, aquamarine, and smoky quartz.
Aventurine, a spirited young dragon, is bored being cooped up in her family's mountain cave until her scales harden.