average deviation

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average deviation

(Statistics) statistics another name for mean deviation

mean′ devia′tion

Statistics. a measure of dispersion, computed by taking the arithmetic mean of the absolute values of the deviations of the functional values from some central value, usu. the mean or median.
Also called average deviation.
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The nozzle ranking based on the CFD analysis results and the average deviation of the velocity profile from the reference PCN.
In Table 3, the average deviations of the four fractal coding methods are 0.
Table 1 The Average Offset of the Implant CoR from the Anatomic CoR and the Average Deviation of the Implant HHT from the Anatomic HHT of the 3D Reconstructed Humerus Model for Each Resurfacing Implant Size Used Implant CoR Offset * HHT Average Deviation Size ([+ or -] Standard ([+ or -] Standard N Deviation) Deviation) 41 mm 0.
71 BP, blood pressure; RBS, random blood sugar; Hb, hemoglobin Table 3: Comparison of average deviation in visual field between smokers and nonsmokers Subjects Mean SD Z-test p-Value (AD in dB) Non-smokers 10.
The average measured DOAS cooling energy for a week matched the simulated data within an average deviation of [+ or -]25% as shown in Figure 8 and 10, but the measured and predicted cooling coil loads for individual WSHP units did not match.
The final results are shown in concentrated form in Tables V and VI, showing minimal and maximal values along with the average deviation values of 20 test measurement recalculations.
As shown by three comparison curves in Figure 5 and Figure 6, random selection algorithm achieves large value of load average deviation and strong jitter.
000 and the calculated average deviation between received answers and comments from people who answered indicates that in a job creation in organization there is a different meaning and in other words because of the higher amount of average from the calculated rate average indicates that people who answered believed in "educational services in Red Crescent Organization "has effect on people satisfaction in a meaningful way.
The price amplitude, normalized average bias, and normalized average deviation of both asset X and asset Y1 (asset Y whose life started from period 1) are, generally speaking, the largest in SdurSdiv and the smallest in treatment DdurSdiv.
The average deviation between real values and forecasted values was 1.
To assess the average deviation of individual scores from the line of identity, total error (TE) was calculated for each field method.

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