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tr.v. a·vert·ed, a·vert·ing, a·verts
1. To turn away: avert one's eyes.
2. To keep from happening; prevent: averted an accident by turning sharply. See Synonyms at prevent.

[Middle English averten, from Old French avertir, from Latin āvertere : ā-, ab-, away from; see ab-1 + vertere, to turn; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

a·vert′i·ble, a·vert′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.avertible - capable of being avoided or warded offavertible - capable of being avoided or warded off
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(251) Safer held that while imposing broad duties to non-patients might lead to confusion or unfairness, in the case of warning of "avertible risk from genetic causes, by definition a matter of familial concern" the burden is narrow enough to be workable and just.
If decline is a tragedy of the commons, it is potentially avertible by neighborhood collective action.
Asthma admissions are widely regarded as a marker for ineffective or inaccessible ambulatory care because many admissions appear to be avertible by adequate care.