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A protein found in uncooked egg white that binds to and inactivates biotin.

[avid + (biot)in, from its affinity for biotin.]


(ˈævɪdɪn; əˈvɪdɪn)
(Biochemistry) a protein, found in egg-white, that combines with biotin to form a stable compound that cannot be absorbed, leading to a biotin deficiency in the consumer
[C20: from avid + (bio)in; from its characteristic avidity for biotin]


(ˈæv ɪ dɪn, əˈvɪd ɪn)

a protein of raw egg white that combines with the vitamin biotin and prevents its absorption.
[1940–45; avid + (biot) in; so named from its affinity for biotin]
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Avidin, since it is a protein of animal origin and not a molecule of synthesis, according to the guidelines of EMA, in order to be able to be used in clinical trials, and therefore on man, must have The following manufacturer's features and guarantees:
Then, sections were blocked with 10% normal serum from the species of secondary antibody, Avidin D solution (Avidin/Biotin Blocking Kit, Vector, Burlingame, CA, USA) and 0.
6) The biotin molecule, which binds irreversibly to avidin, can be conjugated to an immunoglobulin molecule by a straightforward amino substitution at an alkaline pH with no loss of immunoglobulin activity.
The PCR solution and carbon particles conjugated with avidin were directly added to the nitrocellulose membrane with two test lines of immobilized antibodies specific for digoxigenin and fluorescein.
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53) The size of avidin with the molecular mass of 70 kDa is ~5 nm in diameter, which is large enough to be visualized directly by electron microscopy.
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This is followed by the addition of a horseradish peroxidase labeled avidin, which binds the biotin complexes.
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