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tr.v. a·vowed, a·vow·ing, a·vows
1. To acknowledge or declare openly and unashamedly: avowed their faith in the electoral process.
2. To state positively; declare: "Various church councils have avowed that evolution poses no threat to supernatural belief" (Frederick C. Crews).

[Middle English avowen, from Old French avouer, from Latin advocāre, to call upon; see advocate.]

a·vow′a·ble adj.
a·vow′a·bly adv.
a·vow′ed·ly (-ĭd-lē) adv.
a·vow′er n.
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The next proceedings were of a public and avowable nature, and strictly followed the customary precedents on such occasions.
I have never grudged you money within reason, for any avowable purpose; you had just to come to me and speak.
Far from the comforting happy ending of much popular fiction, The Bell Jar communicates a discouraging fact about our world--that there is no avowable or operative community.
Indeed, the public emphasis put on the opposition between Anakazza and Kamaya in contemporary Faya often seems to hide less avowable but nonetheless highly relevant tensions between rich and poor, urban and rural, army personnel and others, those who have 'made it' in contemporary Chad and those who have failed.
(242) In the process, Congress would presumably be required to give more careful consideration to the avowable interests of deportable aliens as well as the relevant constitutional norms.
It could also be due to integrated use of both these amendments that have avowable effects on soil chemical properties by forming soluble complexes with Zn which ultimately increased the nutrient availability to plants resulting higher dry biomass.
All males over the age of eighteen and under sixty years, physically and mentally sound, who are not normally engaged in any work and who can not justify an avowable means of existence either are considered to be in a state of vagrancy and can therefore be punished with a prison sentence of one month to one year.