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tr.v. a·vulsed, a·vuls·ing, a·vuls·es
To separate, cut, or tear off by avulsion.

[Latin āvellere, āvuls-, to tear off : ā-, ab-, away; see ab-1 + vellere, to pull.]


vb (tr)
to remove or take away by force



to pull off or tear away forcibly: to avulse a ligament.
[1755–65; < Latin āvulsus, past participle of āvellere to pluck off, tear away =ā- a-4 + vellere to forcibly pull, pluck]


- To tear or pull away or pluck off.
See also related terms for tear.
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Verb1.avulse - separate by avulsion
separate - divide into components or constituents; "Separate the wheat from the chaff"
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Cekik parmak deformitesine yol acan yaralanmalar; ekstansor tendonun santral slibinin zon I seviyesinde kesilmesi, kemikten avulse olmasi veya kemige yapistigi yerden bir parca kemikle beraber kopmasidir.
Primary teeth that avulse should not be replaced, because of concern for damaging the underlying permanent tooth.
(19) Release is performed through a medial incision, with careful posterior retraction of the neurovascular bundle so as not to avulse the calcaneal branch of the tibial nerve.