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tr.v. a·vulsed, a·vuls·ing, a·vuls·es
To separate, cut, or tear off by avulsion.

[Latin āvellere, āvuls-, to tear off : ā-, ab-, away; see ab-1 + vellere, to pull.]
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vb (tr)
to remove or take away by force
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to pull off or tear away forcibly: to avulse a ligament.
[1755–65; < Latin āvulsus, past participle of āvellere to pluck off, tear away =ā- a-4 + vellere to forcibly pull, pluck]
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- To tear or pull away or pluck off.
See also related terms for tear.
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Verb1.avulse - separate by avulsion
separate - divide into components or constituents; "Separate the wheat from the chaff"
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The medial epicondyle fragment avulses due to a traction force by the medial collateral ligament typically by increased valgus stress or frequently an elbow dislocation [2].
The skull and orbital fractures were caused by a pit-bull bite which is characterized as a "vice-grip" which crushes, avulses and strangles, potentially making it a more dangerous breed.