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v. a·wak·ened, a·wak·en·ing, a·wak·ens
1. To wake up: I awakened at 6:00 am.
2. To become aware of something: He finally awakened to the fact that he was wrong.
1. To cause to wake up: A barking dog awakened me during the night.
2. To cause (someone) to become aware; alert or enlighten: The news awakened her to the truth.
3. To stir up or produce (a memory or feeling, for example): Her new job awakened in her a sense of responsibility. See Usage Note at wake1.

[Middle English awakenen, from Old English āwæcnian : ā-, on, up; see a-2 + wæcnian, to waken; see waken.]

a·wak′en·er n.
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(əˈweɪ kən)

v.t., v.i.
to waken.
[before 900; Middle English awak(e)nen, Old English awæcnian, earlier onwæcnian; see a-, waken]
a•wak′en•er, n.
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Past participle: awakened
Gerund: awakening

I awaken
you awaken
he/she/it awakens
we awaken
you awaken
they awaken
I awakened
you awakened
he/she/it awakened
we awakened
you awakened
they awakened
Present Continuous
I am awakening
you are awakening
he/she/it is awakening
we are awakening
you are awakening
they are awakening
Present Perfect
I have awakened
you have awakened
he/she/it has awakened
we have awakened
you have awakened
they have awakened
Past Continuous
I was awakening
you were awakening
he/she/it was awakening
we were awakening
you were awakening
they were awakening
Past Perfect
I had awakened
you had awakened
he/she/it had awakened
we had awakened
you had awakened
they had awakened
I will awaken
you will awaken
he/she/it will awaken
we will awaken
you will awaken
they will awaken
Future Perfect
I will have awakened
you will have awakened
he/she/it will have awakened
we will have awakened
you will have awakened
they will have awakened
Future Continuous
I will be awakening
you will be awakening
he/she/it will be awakening
we will be awakening
you will be awakening
they will be awakening
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been awakening
you have been awakening
he/she/it has been awakening
we have been awakening
you have been awakening
they have been awakening
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been awakening
you will have been awakening
he/she/it will have been awakening
we will have been awakening
you will have been awakening
they will have been awakening
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been awakening
you had been awakening
he/she/it had been awakening
we had been awakening
you had been awakening
they had been awakening
I would awaken
you would awaken
he/she/it would awaken
we would awaken
you would awaken
they would awaken
Past Conditional
I would have awakened
you would have awakened
he/she/it would have awakened
we would have awakened
you would have awakened
they would have awakened
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Verb1.awaken - cause to become awake or consciousawaken - cause to become awake or conscious; "He was roused by the drunken men in the street"; "Please wake me at 6 AM."
reawaken - awaken once again
bring to, bring back, bring round, bring around - return to consciousness; "These pictures bring back sad memories"
call - rouse somebody from sleep with a call; "I was called at 5 A.M. this morning"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
cause to sleep - make fall asleep; "The soft music caused us to fall asleep"
2.awaken - stop sleepingawaken - stop sleeping; "She woke up to the sound of the alarm clock"
change state, turn - undergo a transformation or a change of position or action; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The people turned against the President when he stole the election"
3.awaken - make awareawaken - make aware; "They were awakened to the sad facts"
impress, strike, affect, move - have an emotional or cognitive impact upon; "This child impressed me as unusually mature"; "This behavior struck me as odd"
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1. stimulate, excite, provoke, activate, alert, animate, fan, stir up, incite, kick-start (informal), enliven, kindle, breathe life into, call forth, vivify The aim was to awaken an interest in foreign cultures.
2. awake, wake, wake up, revive, arouse, rouse He was snoring when I awakened him.
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1. To cease sleeping:
2. To induce or elicit (a reaction or emotion):
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يُثير المَشاعِريُفَيقُيوقِظ
vakna/vekja til meîvitundarvekja
잠에서 깨다
ปลุก ทำให้ตื่น
đánh thức


A. VTdespertar
to awaken sb to a dangeralertar a algn de un peligro
B. VI (also to awaken from sleep) → despertar
to awaken from one's illusionsdesilusionarse, quitarse las ilusiones
to awaken to a dangerdarse cuenta de un peligro
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[əˈweɪkən] (literary)
to awaken to sth (= become aware of) → prendre conscience de qch
(= wake up) → s'éveiller
(= wake up) [+ person] → réveiller
[+ interest] → éveiller
to awaken sb to sth → faire s'éveiller qn à qch
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(əˈweik) past tense awoke (əˈwouk) : past participles aˈwaked ~aˈwoken – verb
to wake from sleep. He was awoken by a noise; He awoke suddenly.
not asleep. Is he awake?
aˈwaken verb
1. to awake. I was awakened by the song of the birds.
2. to start (a feeling of interest, guilt etc). His interest was awakened by the lecture.
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يُفَيقُ probudit (se) vække aufwecken ξυπνώ κάποιον despertar herätä réveiller buditi svegliarsi 目が覚める 잠에서 깨다 wakker worden våkne obudzić się despertar будить vakna ปลุก ทำให้ตื่น uyanmak đánh thức 唤醒
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References in classic literature ?
Therefore, there was nothing to awaken for until danger threatened, or the pangs of hunger assailed.
Awakened, and even with a few moments of life remaining, the giant could literally tear his assailant to pieces should he choose, and the Belgian had no doubt but that Tarzan would so choose.
Out of their native optimism and race-egotism they had therefore concluded that the task was impossible, that China would never awaken.
Would God I could awaken! For I dream I know not how, And my soul is sorely shaken Lest an evil step be taken, - Lest the dead who is forsaken May not be happy now.
But as thou awokest from them and camest to thyself, so shall they awaken from themselves--and come unto thee!"
The creak of the loose stair did not awaken him, and they reached the ground-floor safely.
Speak low, that you may not awaken anybody.' But Tom seemed as if he did not understand them, and bawled out again, 'How much will you have?
And now Mrs Waters (for we must confess she was in the same bed), being, I suppose, awakened from her sleep, and seeing two men fighting in her bedchamber, began to scream in the most violent manner, crying out murder!
The Dog in a rage, being awakened from its slumber, stood up and barked at the Ox, and whenever it came near attempted to bite it.
After supper he lay down on a sofa without undressing, and was awakened soon after midnight by a courier bringing him a letter from Kutuzov.
With this significant remark the Supreme Gobbler left him, and thenceforward the Pious Person dreamed of himself as white meat and dark until rudely awakened by decapitation.
Pinocchio falls asleep with his feet on a foot warmer, and awakens the next day with his feet all burned off