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v. a·wak·ened, a·wak·en·ing, a·wak·ens
1. To wake up: I awakened at 6:00 am.
2. To become aware of something: He finally awakened to the fact that he was wrong.
1. To cause to wake up: A barking dog awakened me during the night.
2. To cause (someone) to become aware; alert or enlighten: The news awakened her to the truth.
3. To stir up or produce (a memory or feeling, for example): Her new job awakened in her a sense of responsibility. See Usage Note at wake1.

[Middle English awakenen, from Old English āwæcnian : ā-, on, up; see a-2 + wæcnian, to waken; see waken.]

a·wak′en·er n.
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a person or thing that awakens
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GEMINI MAY 22 - JUNE 21 This is your traditional "draw back" time, when you benefit from taking time out, catching up with plans that have been on the back burner, although this may not be as quiet a week as expected, with awakener planet Uranus bringing changes around those close.
Thus on the one hand we see in gnostic writings from diverse traditions the absolute necessity of an Awakener or Redeemer, and on the other hand the fact that gnosis will not save us from suffering in this world.
Portraits of composer Franz Liszt, the national awakener Jozef Miloslav Hurban and the aristocratic family of Ostroluckyacute were photographed in their studio.
I thought his assault on God himself, whom he called 'stupid' in one of his latest fits, would be the awakener, but the Christian response was prayers and forgiveness.
A mesaharaty is the traditional awakener, who beats drums, chants religious and folkloric songs, and sometimes reads poems to wake Muslims up before the suhoor meal before the Fajr (dawn) prayer, during the month of Ramadan.
Others insist that there is a professional Sehri awakener who works the street.
What an awakener. Their ebullience is permanent, though the paintings are decidedly not.
"Attempt to Shift Bay Area ALSC Fails" in Afrikan Awakener (an organ of the Pan African People's Organization, San Francisco, California), vol.2, no.12, October (1976), pp.5, 10.
7. "I am not a teacher, but an awakener." AaAaAeAc Robert Fro
On the back cover, historian Peter Hayes hails this book as "an awakener of empathy." Does this mean that our capacity to empathize in general--or with American Jewish Holocaust survivors in particular--may have gone to sleep?
Quoting Robert Frost he said "'I am not a teacher but an awakener, and everyone has to work with me,"' he said.
Quoting Robert Frost he said 'I am not a teacher but an awakener, and every one has to work with me,' he said.