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The recipient of an award.
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A complete list of 2007 and 2008 winners and their home institutions is shown below: 2006-2007 AWARDEE 2007-2008 AWARDEE H0ME INSTITUTION Teresa Liang Elizabeth Baterina British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby Wei Zhao George Hall Capilano University, North Vancouver Kanwaljit Gill Kevin Lapeyre Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey Samantha Keller -- Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops Benjamin Isaksen Neil Rybak Okanagan College, Okanagan Valley Van Dinh Heather Wiebe University of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford Caterina Ramogida Carolyn Graves SFU, Burnaby Kayli Marie Johnson Amanda C.
decision of the awardee, keeping in mind the purpose of the award, which is to articulate a vision for acute care physical therapy practice.
Once this request is made, the offeror is often lulled into inaction until the debriefing occurs, which can be a week or more after the notification of the awardee. By this time, however, although the offeror may still be in a position to file a bid protest challenging the award decision, the deadline for challenging the awardee's eligibility as a "small business" may have passed.
ABO's 2005 Emma Lazarus awardee Jerome Blumberg with his wife Carol
Agency reasonably selected awardee's proposal as representing the best value to the government where awardee's technical proposal was properly evaluated as being superior to protester's proposal on the basis of evaluated strengths related to awardee's technical approach, corporate experience, and past performance, and awardee's proposed cost/price was lower than protester's proposed cost/price.
No less than the Cultural Center of the Philippines Chairperson Margarita Moran-Floirendo (Datu Bago awardee 2004), Baby's BFF in today's lingo, read Baby's citation: 'Mary Ann Maceda-Montemayor is recognized for raising the level of awareness and appreciation for Davao's capacity to host important national and international events as well as in promoting Davao as a globally competitive destination for tourism and investment...She is a successful entrepreneur who is able to prove that integrating the diversity of Davao's indigenous culture and the ingenuity of local micro-entrepreneurs makes the City a unique tourism and investment destination.' Baby is the third member of the Montemayor family after Alberto C.
Vicki Belo, who was also a People of the Year awardee in 2016, is our youngest awardee to date.
The minister added that the awardees in the third category were 43 in number with an award grant of between N200, 000 and N250, 000 per awardee.
The awardee's proposal indicated that all key personnel had the requisite experience.
Raleigh, NC, February 01, 2014 --( Lewey Landscaping & LawnCare, Inc., a Triangle-based, full-service landscaping and lawn care company, has announced that co-owner Kim Lewey has been named a 2013 Urban Rebound Raleigh-Durham Awardee by Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence.
PC Mall Gov was the sole contract awardee for CLIN's 1 and 2 and was the primary awardee for CLIN 3, which will allow the company to receive any delivery order under CLIN 3 that is under USD1m.
ABO Co-Chair Arnold Sollar, with Emma Lazarus Awardee Debbie DeZego, First Vice President, HSBC