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also awe•strick•en

(ˈɔˌstrɪk ən)

filled with awe.


[ˈɔːstrʌk] ADJpasmado, atemorizado


[ˈɔːˌstrʌk] adjsgomento/a
References in classic literature ?
Every face expressed respectful, awe-struck curiosity.
Some of the men muttered and looked at the youth in awe-struck ways.
My mother sat opposite, an awe-struck but admiring auditor.
When the awe-struck savages saw that the food disappeared overnight they were filled with consternation and dread, for it was one thing to put food out to propitiate a god or a devil, but quite another thing to have the spirit really come into the village and eat it.
George was awe-struck at the force, the vehemence, the power, with which these broken sentences were uttered.
The awe-struck silence was first broken by the clergyman.
Is it true," continued Lucy in awe-struck tone, "that Miss Lavish is writing a book?
The official stage designer for the event, Neharika left the audience awe-struck by creating a large 60 x 60 feet, six-leg truss structure that was suspended at a height of 36 feet over the dance floor.
As far as the whole experience is concerned, we were just awe-struck with the beauty of the Northern areas and the hospitality of its people
DUBAI: An Indian photographer was left awe-struck after she snapped a mother monkey appear to cry out as her son collapsed in her arms.
The Voice Kids' Season 2 winner Elha Nympha continues to make Steve Harvey awe-struck not only by our 'Miss Universe' beauty but also our talents in the performing arts.
Vote leave and then on June 23 we may echo these Churchillian words: "Today we may say aloud before an awe-struck world, 'we are still masters of our fate.