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1. Inspiring awe: an awesome thunderstorm.
2. Expressing awe: stood in awesome silence before the ancient ruins.
3. Slang Remarkable; outstanding: "a totally awesome arcade game" (Los Angeles Times).

awe′some·ly adv.
awe′some·ness n.
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Western Star has expanded its 50th anniversary Wings of Awesomeness limited edition graphics package into 2018.
Djs brought extra level of sense-blasting awesomeness to whatever is happening on stage and they elevated the music to a whole other experience that resonates with what people wanted at that moment.
Social media is a great tool and can be used for awesomeness, but there are many negative uses out there.
That this happened during the half-time break of a collegiate basketball game- a day after so-called people's representatives in the HOR voted to give the CHR a P1,000 budget- just adds to the awesomeness of what happened,' De Lima said.
shade and light - Moustafa Mahran The breaking of light through the walls of the cave creates astonishing formations of bright colors, adding to its awesomeness one color at a time.
Gen Z-leaning media company Awesomeness hires Brad Buchanan to head its business and legal affairs department, overseeing negotiation, deals, litigation, and other corporate legal matters for the company's four key divisions: AwesomenessTV, Awesomeness Films, Awestruck, and DreamWorksTV.
She said: "Get Ugly is a musical comedy about female selfconfidence, about re-discovering your awesomeness after a break-up, and embracing life without a filter.
Jewish music can be jammy and operatic and punk rock all at the same time, yet many of us are only confronted with the true extent of its awesomeness at the occasional simcha or shul event or while, say, riding an Israeli inter-city bus.
I discovered BBC Good Food ME magazine in a salon, and loved it so much that I wanted to take it home, but thought I'd be depriving other salon customers of your awesomeness -- from tips and healthy advices and plating ideas.
The whole night bangs of awesomeness so that will be well worth checking out.
69, supermarkets Bake some chicken thighs, add sauce, then bake for another 15 minutes for messy American awesomeness.
Former DreamWorks Animation CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, will become chairman of DreamWorks new media, which will oversee NBCU's ownership stakes in Awesomeness TV and NOVA.