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 (ô′strŭk′) also awe·strick·en (-strĭk′ən)
Full of awe.
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Adj.1.awestricken - having or showing a feeling of mixed reverence and respect and wonder and dreadawestricken - having or showing a feeling of mixed reverence and respect and wonder and dread; "stood in awed silence before the shrine"; "in grim despair and awestruck wonder"
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From the grass roots down," he muttered in an awestricken voice, as he swung his pick into the yielding surface.
She herself had seen nothing, not the shadow of a shadow, and nobody in the house but the governess was in the governess's plight; yet she accepted without directly impugning my sanity the truth as I gave it to her, and ended by showing me, on this ground, an awestricken tenderness, an expression of the sense of my more than questionable privilege, of which the very breath has remained with me as that of the sweetest of human charities.
The world's two greatest swordsmen: teacher and pupil--the one with the strength of a young bull, the other with the cunning of an old gray fox; and both with a lifetime of training behind them, and the lust of blood and hate before them--thrust and parried and cut until those that gazed awestricken upon the marvellous sword play scarcely breathed in the tensity of their wonder.
I was almost awestricken at the astuteness with which the good lady found herself inspired, transparent astuteness as it was and sewn, as the phrase is, with white thread.
in an awestricken tone, and then, after a long interval, "I wonder if that was her?
The Spanish legend has had everyone awestricken with his affable off-field personality and his astonishing footballing skills as Al Sadd's captain.
Coates in a strained awestricken voice, gazing straight up, and her baby, lying stiff and white in her arms, gazed straight up.