(ə-wûrl′, -hwûrl′)
1. Having a whirling motion; spinning: leaves awhirl in the wind.
2. Suggestive of a whirling motion, as in being excited or confused: "All we could do was just stand there, our minds awhirl with the fluky wonder of it all" (David Mazel).

a·whirl′ adv.


in a whirling, confused state


(əˈʰwɜrl, əˈwɜrl)

rotating rapidly; spinning.
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Like a water-wheel awhirl, Like the rolling of a pearl; Yet these but illustrate, To fools, the final state.
Rhetorically, these rhythms take the dense repetition supplied by cyclical forms and set it awhirl in variations.
Around midday an old love may try to get back into your life or a dynamite new admirer will set your heart awhirl.
In The Turin Horse, a fierce, incessant wind shrieks across the steppe, awhirl with dust and detritus, battering the house and barn where father and daughter exist in a kind of medieval perpetuity.
Television-bound children, their eyes awhirl with images of Tony the Tiger and his high-fructose friends, haunt the debate about junk-food advertising.
They''ve just finished spending twelve million quid Improving the ole'' girl, So you should take a leaf out of Yoko''s book And give John Lennon awhirl.
The student, who has been caught in awhirl ofTVpromotion, is now set for a triumphant homecoming as he tries to push his single The Climb to number one.
I have spent hours of my life perusing the pages of sites like Freshpair, HisRoom, and International Male (now Undergear), head awhirl with images of plump, firmly coddled groins molded delectably in elasticized fabrics at once subtly and startlingly hued, patterned and expertly textured to appeal to-what else?
TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] I am lost in books and records, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] My mind is awhirl and disoriented.
cried the other guy in pure jubilance, the one in tie-dye everything: T-shirt and jacket and headband awhirl in blues and reds, what we could see from the road anyway.
More than any other year in its recent history, this edition of the fest was awhirl with transitions.
The Maltese-flagged vessel with a crew of 15 Russian sailors was officially heading to Algeria with a load of timber, but media have been awhirl with rumors the vessel may have held weapons or even nuclear materials.