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A past participle of awake.
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v. a•woke a•waked, a•woke a•waked a•wo•ken, a•wak•ing, v.t.
1. to rouse from sleep.
2. to make active or alert; rouse: It awoke his flagging interest.
3. to emerge from sleep.
4. to become active or alert.
5. to become conscious of something: finally awoke to the facts.
6. waking; not sleeping.
7. vigilant; alert.
[before 1000; Old English awacen, past participle of awæcnan; see a-, wake]
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If at any stage mask ventilation became difficult, patients were awoken, and an awake tracheal intubation was performed.
Maybe memories of my childhood Locked in the back of my mind Waiting for this dream Lost visions to find Rubbing my eyes I feel wide-awake Looking out my window I see a chink of light As dawn starts to break Slowly the sky starts to lighten Pushing back the night An orange glow Bringing the day to life Dawn has awoken I hear a chorus of sound Birds are singing In the trees all around Each day a new dawn With the dawn a new day is born Each day the future What will it hold?
"The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken: The New Politics of Religion in the United States" is a collection of thoughts on the subject, running from the 2004 presidential race to 2008.