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Noun1.axe head - the cutting head of an axaxe head - the cutting head of an ax    
ax, axe - an edge tool with a heavy bladed head mounted across a handle
wedge - something solid that is usable as an inclined plane (shaped like a V) that can be pushed between two things to separate them
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She sustained horrific injuries but survived because the axe head fell off after the second blow.
This story illustrates how it is good to share a problem, because God will help them, as Elijah helped the man who had lost the axe head.
On show are a Roman coins, Iron Age and Roman pottery, a medieval pilgrim's holy water bottle, a Bronze Age axe head, prehistoric flint tools, and Anglo-Saxon and Tudor brooches, medals, buttons, clay pipes and 19th and 20th Century stoneware beer bottles.
He struck a second blow and mercifully for her the wooden handle broke with the force of the blow and the axe head flew off and he ceased the attack,'' said Mr Linehan.
The 58-year-old stumbled across a 5,500-year-old axe head as he dug a hole for a lime tree.
Already she has been brought Roman coins, a bronze figurine found near Berwick which could be Iron Age, a Roman brooch and glass bracelet and a prehistoric axe head from County Durham.
THREE thousand years of grit and mud were gently peeled from an ancient axe head - to reveal gold.
There was a brief scuffle when the witness tried to grab the axe, but Latus, who had also struck Mrs Artiss twice in the face with his hand, brought down the axe a third time to the front of her head, breaking off the axe head, before running out.
Also displayed in the gallery will be a painted Neolithic vase from the island of Marawah - the oldest ceramic vessel yet discovered in the UAE - a fragment of stucco from an ancient church in Sir Bani Yas, and an axe head from Al Ain Museum dating 1000-600BC.
The artefacts included a stone axe head, lead musket balls, hundreds of stone tools including backed blades that were used as barbs in so-called death spears, a Scottish clay pipe (circa 1850s) and ceramic and glass which has led to further information on the location of the first Beaudesert Homesteads.
Inspector Luckings observed how they brandished long poleaxes; a heavy stick to which the sharp blade of an axe head was attached at one end.
The Transformers official Twitter account revealed a full body shot of the despotic machine on Thursday (Friday in Manila) complete with two new weapons-a sword with an axe head and an arm-mounted cannon.