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A jump in figure skating that is initiated from the outer forward edge of one skate, followed by one and one-half midair turns and a return to the outer backward edge of the other skate.

[After Axel Paulsen (1856-1938), Norwegian figure skater.]


(Ice Skating) skating a jump in which the skater takes off from the forward outside edge of one skate, makes one and a half, two and a half, or three and a half turns in the air, and lands on the backward outside edge of the other skate
[C20: named after Axel Paulsen (1855–1938), Norwegian skater]


(ˈæk səl)

a figure skating jump in which the skater leaps from the front outer edge of one skate into the air to make 1½ rotations of the body and lands on the back outer edge of the other skate.
[1925–30; after Axel Paulsen (1855–1938), Norwegian figure skater]


, axle - Axel is the figure-skating jump; axle is the pin or rod between two wheels.
See also related terms for wheels.
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