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or ax·man (ăks′mən)
n. pl axe·men or ax·men (ăks′mĕn′)
1. One who wields an axe.
2. Slang One assigned to perform a task involving ruthless reduction, as of a workforce or budget.
3. Slang One who plays a guitar or saxophone, especially in a band or for hire.


(ˈæksmən) or


n, pl -men
1. a man who wields an axe, esp to cut down trees
2. a person who makes cuts in expenditure or services, esp on behalf of another: the chancellor's axeman.
3. (Pop Music) slang US a man who plays a musical instrument, esp a guitar
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The Axeman repeatedly broke into the homes of Italian grocers in the dead of night, leaving his victims in a pool of blood.
The Axeman did exist and was never caught and it's from this tale that Celestin created a wonderful novel filled with fictional and real characters who are looking for the killer.
Winner of the British Rookie Championship was another Knighton axeman, Scott Fowkes.
AN axeman "chopped bits" off a woman PC after she responded to a domestic violence report at his flat.
To avert the impending doom, Cordelia tells the Axeman that Fiona loves only person, herself.
In an episode called The Axeman Cometh, he plays a real-life, jazz-loving serial killer who terrorised New Orleans a century earlier.
Axe has rolled out its new mobile game, Axeman, and social hub called Planet Axe.
Axeman 2011" were not in the house Saturday night when the award was announced to a full-capacity crowd at South Eugene High School.
A magical mixture of stunning guitar work and studio wizardry, The Axeman Cometh's fifteen fantastic tracks will leave you breathless.
HOPING to cut a swathe through the opposition this week was Pen Llyn axeman Terry Hough.
THE pensions of teachers, police and health service staff are to be the top target for Tory cuts, the party's axeman has revealed.
Against this the Axeman started a senior, a junior, two sophomores and Roberts, who brought the ball up the court on nearly every possession.