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or ax·man (ăks′mən)
n. pl axe·men or ax·men (ăks′mĕn′)
1. One who wields an axe.
2. Slang One assigned to perform a task involving ruthless reduction, as of a workforce or budget.
3. Slang One who plays a guitar or saxophone, especially in a band or for hire.
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(ˈæksmən) or


n, pl -men
1. a man who wields an axe, esp to cut down trees
2. a person who makes cuts in expenditure or services, esp on behalf of another: the chancellor's axeman.
3. (Pop Music) slang US a man who plays a musical instrument, esp a guitar
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References in classic literature ?
"For axemen and for spearmen I have not seen their match," the archer answered.
It's time for the public to chip in about the Axemen.
WELSH axemen dominated last weekend's Stihl Timbersports British championships.
Heath from Tampa Mayhem plus Central Florida Warriors duo Gould and Wynn will then turn out for the Jacksonville Axemen against the Challenge Cup holders in Jacksonville on December 18.
SEP 20: Blind Scot Henry Sherlock, 50, told MSPs the axemen hired to slash benefits made disabled people "feel like criminals".
Thousands gathered to watch axemen from all over the world displaying their sawing, tree climbing and chainsaw skills at the St George site near St Asaph.
As we ponder the future of South Eugene's "Axemen" moniker, let's take a minute to remember how things have changed for women's sports in the past 50 years.
He was certainly in excellent form at last week's Royal Welsh Show, where he dominated the axe racing competitions as well as entertaining the crowds as a member of the Clwyd Axemen team.
The annual event has become a favourite in the village; features on Saturday included magic displays and bouncy castles for the children, morris dancers, fair rides, shire horses, axemen, a tug of war and a classic car display including a 1955 Mark 6 Lotus 10.
The actor, a massive fan of the game, has agreed to underwrite a seven-a-side competition at his local side, the Orara Calley Axemen in Australia, to the tune of $15,000 Australian dollars, which is almost pounds 6000.
In response to concerns about South Eugene High School being the Axemen, I will point out that Nike is the Greek goddess of victory.
He said: "Obviously there are better axemen around than me, but I've been successful within the limits of my handicap."