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 (ā-zĕn′ĭk, ā-zē′nĭk)
Not contaminated by or associated with any other living organisms. Usually used in reference to pure cultures of microorganisms that are completely free of the presence of other organisms.

[a- + Greek xenikos, foreign (from xenos, stranger; see ghos-ti- in Indo-European roots).]

a·xen′i·cal·ly adv.
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(Microbiology) (of a biological culture or culture medium) free from other microorganisms; uncontaminated
[C20: see a-1, xeno-, -ic]
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(eɪˈzɛn ɪk, eɪˈzi nɪk)

1. (of an experimental animal) raised under sterile conditions; germfree.
2. (of a laboratory culture) uncontaminated.
[1940–45; a-6 + Greek xenikós foreign. See xeno-, -ic]
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Adj.1.axenic - (of experimental animals) raised under sterile conditionsaxenic - (of experimental animals) raised under sterile conditions; "axenic conditions"; "germfree animals"
germfree - free from germs or pathogenic organisms; sterile; "a germfree environment"
2.axenic - (used of cultures of microorganisms) completely free from other organismsaxenic - (used of cultures of microorganisms) completely free from other organisms; "an axenic culture"
pure - free of extraneous elements of any kind; "pure air and water"; "pure gold"; "pure primary colors"; "the violin's pure and lovely song"; "pure tones"; "pure oxygen"
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Antimicrobial and other chemical agents have been used in conjunction with physical methods for many years to obtain axenic cultures of planktonic organisms.
This step was repeated several times to obtain an axenic culture.
DNA extraction was done using fresh and axenic actinobacterial cultures for the purpose of identification using 16S rRNA gene analysis.
Sustained axenic metabolic activity by the obligate intracelular bacterium Coxiella burnetii.
On seed germination and growth of tomato under axenic conditions.
Pure (axenic) strains were indentified morphologically and evaluated microscopically under a motic BA410 microscope.
Like amino acids, dipeptides (two amino acids joined by a peptide bond) are transported into roots (Komarova et al 2008), as demonstrated by the presence of intact dipeptide molecules in plants grown in axenic culture (Paungfoo-Lonhienne et al.
Furthermore, the seagrasses can be grown under axenic conditions in the laboratory, allowing evaluation of plant consumption effects without the associated epibiotic microorganisms that exist in wild-collected specimens.
NETpark-based firms aXenic and Lexicon have also won seats on the programme.
In our study, we postulated that most of the DOM released in axenic cultures is due to obligatory metabolism processes of the phytoplankton species and thus, would also be released at the natural environment, before any chemical or biological degradation such as the attack of bacteria or other organisms.
To determine whether the effect of the flies was due to microorganisms that they contributed or to some non-microbiological factor, colonies of axenic fruit flies were developed.