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ax·es 1

Plural of axis.

ax·es 2

Plural of axe.
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the plural of axis1


the plural of axe
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(ˈæk sɪs)

n., pl. ax•es (ˈæk siz)
1. the line about which a rotating body, such as the earth, turns.
a. a central line that bisects a two-dimensional body or figure.
b. a line about which a three-dimensional body or figure is symmetrical.
c. any line used as a fixed reference for determining the position of a point or series of points, as the x- or y-axis in a system of Cartesian coordinates.
3. Anat.
a. a central or principal structure about which something turns or is arranged: the skeletal axis.
b. the second cervical vertebra.
4. Bot.
a. the main support of a plant; the stem and root.
b. the main support of an inflorescence.
5. an imaginary line, in a given formal structure, about which a form, area, or plane is organized.
6. the Axis, (in World War II) the nations that fought against the Allies: Germany, Italy, Japan, and others.
7. an alliance of two or more nations to coordinate their foreign and military policies.
8. a principal line of development, movement, etc.
[1540–50; < Latin axis an axletree, axle, axis; Greek áxōn, Sktákṣas]
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pl de axis
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References in classic literature ?
Full of hope he hurried across the bridge, and recognised at once the spot where the castle was to stand, for spades, hammers, axes, and every other building implement lay scattered on the ground ready for the workman's hand, but of gold, silver, and precious stones there was not a sign.
Then she gave him an axe made of glass, and bade him cross the bridge of clouds and go into the wood beyond and cut down all the trees there before sunset.
A WORKMAN, felling wood by the side of a river, let his axe drop - by accident into a deep pool.
One of the big trees had been partly chopped through, and standing beside it, with an uplifted axe in his hands, was a man made entirely of tin.
The Tin Woodman gave a sigh of satisfaction and lowered his axe, which he leaned against the tree.
He unbuttoned his coat and freed the axe from the noose, but did not yet take it out altogether, simply holding it in his right hand under the coat.
He pulled the axe quite out, swung it with both arms, scarcely conscious of himself, and almost without effort, almost mechanically, brought the blunt side down on her head.
"Ah!" cried Umslopogaas, "you sought a youth to slay him, and have found an axe to be slain by it!
Then Umslopogaas spoke to Galazi, saying: "My brother, I will fight no more with the spear, but with the axe alone; it was to seek an axe that I ran to and fro like a coward.
There he stood, the great Dane, for he was nothing else, his hands, his axe, and his armour all red with blood, and none could live before his stroke.
A FORESTRY Commissioner had just felled a giant tree when, seeing an honest man approaching, he dropped his axe and fled.
Then, swinging his axe in a great circle to right and left before him, he advanced upon the gate, and the others followed him without hesitation.