axial rotation

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Noun1.axial rotation - rotary motion of an object around its own axisaxial rotation - rotary motion of an object around its own axis; "wheels in axial rotation"
gyration, revolution, rotation - a single complete turn (axial or orbital); "the plane made three rotations before it crashed"; "the revolution of the earth about the sun takes one year"
wallow - an indolent or clumsy rolling about; "a good wallow in the water"
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In load level 1, there were no significant differences in the relative tibia displacements of the three most clinically relevant fibula scenarios (intact, plated, or fractured and osteotomized) with respect to coronal bending (p = 0.7110), sagittal bending (p = 0.3262), axial rotation (p = 0.0986), axial displacement (p = 0.5920), anterior-posterior displacement (p = 0.4050), and medial-lateral displacement (p = 0.4097).
The Earth's axial rotation causes day and night, the sun and the moon determine the seasons and the tides.
Craniocervical junction instability was defined as the presence of 8 markers of instability: (1) >8[degrees] of axial rotation of the atlantooccipital joint; (2) > 1 mm of atlantooccipital joint translation; (3) >7 mm of overhang of C1 on C2; (4) >45[degrees] of axial rotation of C1-C2; (5) >4 mm of C1-C2 translation; (6) <13 mm distance between the posterior body of C2 to the posterior ring of C1; or (7) an avulsed transverse ligament; or alternatively, (8) the finding on MR imaging of evidence of ligamentous disruption.
More importantly, the morphology of the distal femur shows that the distal femoral condyles are spherical and of a similar radius, indicating that the distal femoral condyles' surface changes little during axial rotation. Monk et al .[18] reported that the condyles are approximately spherical except for the inferior facet medially, which has a larger radius in the sagittal plane.
However, in both lateral bending and axial rotation, the unilateral and bilateral pedicle screw fixation constructs were significantly more rigid than the IPD alone and the interbody device combination [12].
However, if the range of graded facetectomy exceeded 50%, spinal stability under lateral bending and axial rotation was greatly impacted.
Nevertheless, microdiscectomy induces an increased ROM in axial rotation and lateral bending [16].
Since the inability to turn over in bed is the major manifestation of nocturnal hypokinesia and preliminary evidence suggests that patients with PD change their position in bed less frequently than do non-disabled elderly people [11,31], we sought to develop an inertial sensor that can provide quantitative monitoring of axial rotation of patients with PD and their spouses while in bed.
The occipital-atlantoaxial complex contains the most complex structures, which are unique and highly specialized the three units maintain structural stability and at the same time combine to allow sizable quantities of motion in flexion -extension, lateral rotation and especially axial rotation.
This flow splitting combines with axial rotation of the stream, thus ensuring continuous transfer of material back and forth between the wall and the center of the stream.