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1. Relating to, characterized by, or forming an axis.
2. Located on, around, or in the direction of an axis.

ax′i·al′i·ty (-ăl′ĭ-tē) n.
ax′i·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.axially - with respect to an axisaxially - with respect to an axis; "the jet was directed axially toward the cathode"
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Instead of using axially symmetric lens shapes, the lenslets for this application resemble miniature cylinder lenses, which focus light in one direction only.
Uutechnic offers agitators, different types of pressure vessels, process- and storage tanks, reactors and heat exchangers, in addition to different types of long welded and machined axially symmetrical parts as rolls, cylinders, tubes and cones.
In sidewalls, the tire comprises at least two axially adjacent carcass reinforcing layer portions, the reinforcing elements of the said carcass reinforcing layer portions being directed on each side of a meridian plane, at least in part of the sidewalls, and the reinforcing elements of at least one working layer crossing the reinforcing elements of the carcass-type reinforcing structure at an angle greater than 40[degrees]
It turns out that these dynamical symmetries provide an appropriate framework for the description of low-energy collective motions of real nuclei with certain shape symmetries: The U(5) limit corresponds to spherical nuclei, the SU(3) and SU(3)* limits to axially symmetric nuclei with quadruple deformation (prolate and oblate shapes) and the O(6) and O(6)* limits to quadruply deformed nuclei that are unstable against the axial symmetry breaking.
By axially lifting the knob, the spring pressure is overcome; hence the plunger is retracted, allowing the positioning adjustment.
* A flanged tolerance ring with an advance wave configuration that is fitted between the tubes and retained by the outer tube while the inner tube slips axially inside the ring.
Then they survey a number of applications and special topics, including the effects of walls on turbulence, axially rotating pipes, and high rotation and elliptic flows.
Available options include open collector NPN, TTL/RS 422, HTL/push-pull interfaces; face mount flange with 8 mm X 13 mm solid shaft; and an 0.5m output cable that can be used radially or axially. Sick Stegmann, Inc.
For roughing in fewer passes, VersaMax twin boring heads (center) offer axial-stepped standard insert cartridges that allow the offset of inserts both radially and axially. As a result, the radial depth of cut per pass is increased to over the width of a single insert to remove more material per pass.
An innovative aspect of the AX head is that TDI or a TDI-compatible sixth component is injected axially at low pressure into the mixing chamber through the small piston that cleans the chamber.
rotationally symmetrical beam distribution for lighting sculptures, trees or facade details; the Focalflood range of axially symmetrical floodlights; and the Parscoop washlight range for even illumination of vertical and horizontal areas.