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1. Relating to, characterized by, or forming an axis.
2. Located on, around, or in the direction of an axis.

ax′i·al′i·ty (-ăl′ĭ-tē) n.
ax′i·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.axially - with respect to an axisaxially - with respect to an axis; "the jet was directed axially toward the cathode"
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An axially located shield adjoining the western faade and a shield above the northern facade, Which geometrically replicates the existing shield of the southern faade.
In a radial plane, radially on the inside of the radially innermost point of the at least one layer of carcass reinforcement and axially on the outside of the geometric center of the bead wire, the radius of curvature at a point on the exterior surface of the bead is greater than the radius of curvature at the point of orthogonal projection of the point of the exterior surface of the bead onto the at least one layer of carcass reinforcement.
It also offers different types of long welded and machined axially symmetrical parts as rolls, cylinders, tubes and cones.
A variety of connection options are available for the encoder, including cables of various lengths and radially or axially oriented M12 or M23 connectors
The flagship of Sulzer's product portfolio for the clean water market is the new, highly reliable and efficient standard axially split casing SMD pump.
4] conducted study on an analysis of thermal performance in a micro flat heat pipe with axially trapezoidal grooves.
The CMUF allows for simple friction adjustment with use of an axially mounted hex socket screw to suit varying circumstances on enclosures or cabinets.
office in Brecksville, Ohio), at last month's Fakuma 2014 show in Germany involves a new sliding and wedge mechanism that allows the heater to be simply pushed onto the nozzle core and secured axially by moving the wedge.
Each section consists of a color photograph, a corresponding line drawing, a key to parts of the picture, and radiologic images, mostly axially computed tomograms (CTs), and some magnetic resonance images (MRIs).
The algebraic formulation of the IBM allows one to find analytical solutions associated with breaking the U(6) into three dynamical symmetries called U(5), SU(3) and O(6) limits of the model, corresponding to spherical (vibrational), axially symmetric prolate deformed (rotational)and soft with respect to axial symmetric (y-unstable) shapes respectively.
Strength of short axially loaded CFST is usually calculated by the formula which was theoretically obtained by A.
This is currently performed in a transitional phase using axially arranged adjusting screws (Figure 2).