axile placentation

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Noun1.axile placentation - ovules are borne at or around the center of a compound ovary on an axis formed from joined septa
placentation - arrangement of the ovules in the placenta and of the placentas in the ovary
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The characteristics of a typical Scrophularia include; asymmetrical mostly tubular flowers, ovaries with axile placentation and numerous ovules, capsular fruits, and seeds with endosperm, each are shared with one or several related families [3].
A distinguishing morphological feature of Pittosporaceae is the presence of superior ovaries with parietal or axile placentation, whereas the other three families of Apiineae have inferior ovaries with an apical placentation.
Fruits are 5-8 locular with axile placentation and bear one seed per locule.
The generalized features of the multiloculate ovary with axile placentation suggest Lythraceae, but the rest of the characters rule against the relationship.
a superior ovary, syncarpous ovary with axile placentation, and capsular multilocular fruits; they are excluded from the Lythraceae by the presence of one or more non-lythracean character states.
have axile placentation, as is characteristic of nearly all Miconieae (Renner, 1993; Judd et al.