axile placentation

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Noun1.axile placentation - ovules are borne at or around the center of a compound ovary on an axis formed from joined septa
placentation - arrangement of the ovules in the placenta and of the placentas in the ovary
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The characteristics of a typical Scrophularia include; asymmetrical mostly tubular flowers, ovaries with axile placentation and numerous ovules, capsular fruits, and seeds with endosperm, each are shared with one or several related families [3].
The pollen grain is yellowish; gynoecium is bicarpelar, with bilocular ovary and axile placentation. The observations showed that the ovary is superior and green, and the style is filiform, ending in a bifid stigma.
The axile placentation in all the varieties indicates that the carpel sides are fused together in septa and the ovary in Capsicum annuum is plurilocular.
The ovary is superior, trilocular, each locule with two pendulous ovules borne on axile placentation. The style is light pink at base and dark green above, 4 mm long and trilobed.
The generalized features of the multiloculate ovary with axile placentation suggest Lythraceae, but the rest of the characters rule against the relationship.
All fruits show an axile placentation, the placentas growing from a bicarpellar gynoecium.