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 (ăk-sĭl′ər, ăk′sə-lər) or ax·il·lar·y (ăk′sə-lĕr′ē)
n. pl. axillars or ax·il·lar·ies
One of the feathers in the axilla of a bird's wing.


(ˈæk sə lər)

1. of or pertaining to an axilla.
2. an axillary feather.
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On physical examination, the patient showed no associated cubital or axillar lymphadenopathy.
The patient underwent RT treatment in the supine position with an axillar wedge to ensure a reproducible positioning using a linear accelerator and 15 and 6 MV photons.
B) Coronal view of computed tomography image of the chest, showing right axillar lymphadenopathy (arrows).
Although patients included in this trial were highly selected in terms of standardized treatments as breast-conserving surgery with axillar dissection, appropriate systemic treatments the number of the planned patients could not be reached.
The sites for folder measurement were chest, tricipital, subscapular, axillar, supra-iliac, femoral, and abdominal.
For upper limb, a similar procedure was performed with supraclavicular or axillar approaches for nerve blockade.
Due to the discrepancy between these results and the clinical data indicating a Stewart-Treves syndrome (based on the radical mastectomy, axillar resection and lymphedema developed during several years), the investigation was complemented with antiD2-40 and anti-VEGFR-3 (Flt-4) antibodies, in order to differentiate the vascular origin from the lymphatic one.
After 3 weeks, the patient experienced fatigue and detected multiple 1-2 cm non-tender cervical and axillar lymph nodes in the physical examination.
In the children, a size of 2 cm in the neck, 1 cm in the axillar region and 1,5 cm in the inguinal region were considered normal and sizes above these values were considered lymphadenomegaly.