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 (ăk-sĭl′ər, ăk′sə-lər) or ax·il·lar·y (ăk′sə-lĕr′ē)
n. pl. axillars or ax·il·lar·ies
One of the feathers in the axilla of a bird's wing.
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(ˈæk sə lər)

1. of or pertaining to an axilla.
2. an axillary feather.
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Tumor metabolic characteristics according to achievement of pCR N Mean Before CT primary tumor [SUV.sub.max] No-pCR 35 7.82 pCR 15 8.73 Before CT axillar [SUV.sub.max] No-pCR 30 6.16 pCR 12 7.57 After CT primary tumor [SUV.sub.max] No-pCR 36 2.92 pCR 15 0.30 After CT axillar SUV max No-pCR 36 1.5 pCR 15 0.00 St.
[39] Parent satisfaction * Not tested Adverse effect * Not reported Angilley [19] Parent satisfaction Adverse effects * Skin reactions on axillar region * The suit was uncomfortable to wear in hot weather * Cleaning the suit was problematic because it took a day for the suit to became dry after washing Matthews et al.
y/sex Sampling site time, h 1 24/F Periareolar right breast 48 2 26/F Umbilical collection 48 3 37/M Periareolar left breast 72 4 33/F Breast 72 5 77/F Bone 72 6 22/M Testicular collection 96 7 56/M Back 48 8 55/F Labia majora 72 9 30/F Labia majora 72 10 26/F Labia majora 72 11 44/M Leg ulcer 48 12 66/M Cervical collection 72 13 49/M Superinfected sebaceous cyst 48 14 18/F Sacrococcygeal cyst 96 15 26/F Labia majora 72 16 45/F Breast abcess 72 17 44/M Axillar abcess 96 Patient MALDI-TOF mass no.
Subjective examination revealed the features of malnutrition, pale skin and mucosal membranes, hemorrhagic rash on the skin in the sacral vertebrae region and lower extremities, enlarged painless cervical supraclavicular, axillar and inguinal lymph nodes, systolic murmur and pain in the middle epigastrium at palpation.
Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the apocrine glands, which mostly occurs in the axillar, inguinal, perianal, and perineal regions, as well as the inframammary fold and the intermammary cleft.
Initial physical examination revealed axillar lymphadenopathy approximately 2 cm in diameter.
Caption: Figure 1: (a) Hyperpigmentation at nipples and axillar in a 10-day-old male infant with salt-wasting congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency (b) Hyperpigmentation in a 9-year-old boy with Addison's disease.
On physical examination, the patient showed no associated cubital or axillar lymphadenopathy.
The marks of the snakebite were located in the distal part of the anterior left forearm; she had pain and bleeding at the bite site and swelling of the left upper limb with lymphangitis up to the axilla, with local dolour and calour together with tender axillar and epitrohlear lymph nodes (Figure 1).
The patient underwent RT treatment in the supine position with an axillar wedge to ensure a reproducible positioning using a linear accelerator and 15 and 6 MV photons.
For Tm-DOTMA, the highest concentration in lymph tissue could be determined in the right axillar lymph nodes with 49 [micro]g/g Tm (right caudal axillar) and 82 [micro]g/g Tm (right cranial axillar).