axillary fossa

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Noun1.axillary fossa - the hollow under the arm where it is joined to the shoulderaxillary fossa - the hollow under the arm where it is joined to the shoulder; "they were up to their armpits in water"
bodily cavity, cavum, cavity - (anatomy) a natural hollow or sinus within the body
arteria axillaris, axillary artery - the part of the main artery of the arm that lies in the armpit and is continuous with the subclavian artery above and the brachial artery below
shoulder - the part of the body between the neck and the upper arm
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(1998) documented 100 axillary dissections in which they found 29 cases of anatomical variations that included vascular, nerve and muscular variations, which could be relevant during surgery of the axillary fossa, such as ligation of the axillary artery, excision of the axillary vein or resection of lymph nodes.
Other complaints included night sweats, malaise, lower extremity edema, enlarged lymph nodes at neck, axillary fossa, and inguinal groove.
Robotic left arm port was opened on the anterior axillary fossa, and right arm was opened on the 5th or 6th ICS on the midclavicular line.