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 (ăk′sŏn′) also ax·one (-sōn′)
The usually long process of a nerve fiber that generally conducts impulses away from the body of the nerve cell.

[Greek axōn, axis.]

ax′on·al (ăk′sə-nəl, ăk-sŏn′əl) adj.
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Adj.1.axonal - of or relating to or resembling an axonaxonal - of or relating to or resembling an axon
neuroscience - the scientific study of the nervous system
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In addition, the team demonstrated tumor-free maturation of the transplanted stem cell-derived retinal tissue and establishment of graft-host axonal connectivity and graft-host synaptic connectivity.
Release date- 23082019 - Cambridge - Disarm Therapeutics, a biotechnology company creating a new class of disease-modifying therapeutics for patients with axonal degeneration, today announced the publication of two articles in Science that significantly advance the understanding of the structure and function of SARM1, a protein that is a critical regulator of cellular degeneration, and provide further support for the centrality of the NAD+-cleavage pathway in mediating cellular degeneration across multiple species.
This is in contrast of axonal variety, the second most occurring form of GBS in which there is damage to axons directly with relative sparing of the Schwann cells.
Treatment with AXER-204 resulted in significant regrowth of nerve fibres and increased functionality -- including axonal regeneration, axonal sprouting and synaptic plasticity -- even many months after injury or damage, with no toxicological findings.
Zac Higgins, from Mahon in Cork city, received a diffuse axonal injury following the incident.
Subtypes were typical acute inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (AIDP, n=102, 79.1%), acute motor sensory axonal neuropathy (AMSAN, n=11, 8.5%), acute motor axonal neuropathy (AMAN, n=10, 7.8%), Miller-Fisher syndrome (MFS, n=5, 3.9%), pure sensory subtype (n=1, 0.8%).
Wnt5a expression is significant during axonal growth to distal stump.[2] Furthermore, the sympathetic neurons of Wnt5a knockout ( Wnt5a −/−) mice show slower axonal sprouting and axonal growth after nerve growth factor treatment; the abnormal formation of sympathetic nerves and reduced innervation of tissues are also observed in Wnt5a −/− mice, which eventually result in cell death during the development.[3]
SAN DIEGO, Calif, May 23, 2018 -- Researchers here report that adult rat myelin actually stimulated axonal outgrowth in rat neural precursor cells (NPCs) and human induced pluripotent (iPSC)-derived neural stem cells (NSCs).
Clinical abnormalities consistent with peripheral neuropathy were common and were observed in about half (50.5 percent) of those treated with neurotoxic chemotherapy (mean Total Neuropathy Score increase, 2.1); these abnormalities correlated with lower limb predominant sensory axonal neuropathy (mean amplitude reduction, 5.8 [micro]V).
The diagnosis of giant axonal neuropathy (GAN) was confirmed by clinical examination and genetic testing.