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The cytoplasm of an axon.

[Greek axōn + -plasm.]

ax′o·plas′mic (-plăz′mĭk) adj.


the fluid substance found in the axon of a neuron which surrounds the fibrils


(ˈæk səˌplæz əm)

the cytoplasm within an axon.
[1895–1900; axo- (see axoneme) + -plasm]
ax`o•plas′mic, adj.
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In the distal stump, the cytoskeletal structures (neurofilaments and microtubules) go through disintegration, with accumulation of granular debris in the axoplasm. The cell membrane disappears, the axon undergoes fragmentation and the myelin rapidly disintegrates.
Tiny mitotic figures and electron-dense granules were detected in the axoplasm.
The axon was normal, mitochondria and neuroflaments were prominent in axoplasm. Degenerated mitochondria and decrease of organelles were observed in Schwann cell.
The axoplasm within a nerve fibre is conmposed of 87% water held together by cytoskeleton [40].
This may result in ischemic injury, glial cell activation, reduced axoplasm flow, and neurotrophin deprivation, finally causing RGC apoptosis [10].
Video microscopy of fast axonal transport in extruded axoplasm: a new model for study of molecular mechanisms.
The normal, uninjured nerve fibers obtained from rats showed preserved axoplasm, healthy mitochondrial profiles, and astrocytic processes with regular thicknesses (Figure 2A).
The white centre of Roth spots consist of arrested axoplasm. Causes of anemia include nutritional deficiency, blood loss, inadequate production of red blood cells or increased destruction of red blood cells (4).
Pant, "Principal neurofilament-associated protein kinase in squid axoplasm is related to casein kinase I," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Presence of D-aspartate in squid axoplasm and in other regions of the cephalopod nervous system.
A build-up of blocked axoplasm in the optic nerve head becomes visible as a swelling, causing the appearance of papilloedema (Figure 1).
The membrane and inner carinulae in deformed mitochondria were absent, and the neurosecretory particles under transportation in the axoplasm decreased markedly.