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n. pl. a·yat (ä-yät′)
A verse of the Koran.

[Arabic 'āya, sign, aya; see ayatollah.]
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They were content to spear their living out of the heart of the bitter, hopeless cold; to smile oily smiles, and tell queer ghost and fairy tales of evenings, and eat till they could eat no more, and sing the endless woman's song: "Amna aya, aya amna, ah!
He was an important leader of the Algerian FLN (National Liberation Front)," Aya explains to her young granddaughter, betraying her personal feelings by adding: "For 35 years I did not get a single letter from him, not a word.
In 2017, Chinese-based Shining Star Group and Myanmar-based Royal Ye Htut Moe Kaung International company established the Gold AYA Motors International Group Co.
"The dead body of the boy was recovered from a pond in the jungle behind the Air Force Station, Aya Nagar around 8:30 am today.
The NCSNL says the Aya Group Inc, is benefiting from the current cocoa market because of his compliance with government's requirements for such market, including license to operate.
Aya, despite wearing many hats (and crowns) Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism International 2018, Dream Girl of the Year International 2018, honor student, model, host, dancer, soon-to-be-MYX VJ, founder of Project Lily PH, among others continues to discover herself and her purpose.
Aya Baker, her husband Tarek Ahmad Fouad Syed and son Yousuf at their home in Dubai.
Joining a local ballet class in Manchester connects Aya with the life she knew back in Aleppo, before the bombing started and her world turned upside down.
Bautista is joined by Celeste Legaspi (Mamang), Ai-Ai de las Alas (School Service), Marietta Subong, known as 'Pokwang' (Oda sa Wala), Anne Curtis (Buy Bust and Sid and Aya), Glaiza de Castro (Liway), Bela Padilla (Meet Me in St.
The acquired company will operate as Symmetry Workforce Solutions and be part of Lotus Workforce, Aya's vendor neutral division which also houses Healthcare Select and Qualivis.
Aya is a broadcast communication graduate from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.