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1. Plural of aya.
2. pl. ayats An aya.
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The girl who is facing trial over the killing and is danger of being sentenced for long years or might even face the death penalty has been identified in the media as Amira from Madinet Al Ayat in Giza.
During the meeting, Michel Ayat, chief executive officer -- AWRostamani Automotive Group, was elected as chairman of the Car Dealers Business Group and member companies discussed several key issues and the need to align the group's efforts with the government-led initiatives that utilise autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and 5G infrastructure, in addition to the group's keenness in contributing to existing and forthcoming legislation.
Every soul has to taste death (Surat Imran Ayat No 185).
However, on February 2, 2018, Shazia's parents took her away along with her newborn daughter Ayat Noor.
The is a national company called Trist Stars and another sub-contracted company called Ayat which is well known in Wau and South Sudan," he said.
The story revolves round Ayat, a young and upright dynamic girl who believes in set principles in life.
but unlike other categories seeing negative growth, luxury automotive sales did zero to 5 per cent in the first quarter," said Michel Ayat, CEO of AW Rostamani Automotive and Arabian Automobiles Co.
Pas moins de 87 placements au titre du dispositif d'insertion professionnelle obtenus [beaucoup moins que] indument [beaucoup plus grand que] ont ete annules a Souk Ahras dans le cadre d'une operation d'assainissement des listes des beneficiaires de ce dispositif, a indique, mardi dernier, le directeur de l'emploi, Djamel Ayat. Soixante-douze de ces annulations concernent des personnes ayant deja beneficie de financement de l'Agence nationale de soutien a l'emploi de jeunes dont 15 personnes attributaires de locaux a usage professionnel, a precise le responsable au cours de la reunion du conseil de wilaya.
Two years ago today, on 2 February 2014, Israel returned the remains of Ayat Al-Akhras, the schoolgirl who carried an operative outside a Jerusalem supermarket in 2002, killing two Israelis.
AByDJAN (CyHAN)- A United Nations (UN) independent human rights expert Mohammed Ayat has urged Cote d'Ivoire authorities "to create conditions ideal for peaceful, free and transparent presidential elections."
Michel Ayat, CEO of Arabian Automobiles, said at an electric vehicle (EV) conference in Dubaithat the firm is submitting proposals for incentives to the Roads and Transports Authority (RTA)Ceand other government bodies.