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"It's also home to the amazing aye-aye and the exceptionally rare golden bamboo lemur, with just 200 animals remaining.
The only known animal with disproportionally long digits is the aye-aye. The aye-aye is a lemur that uses its long middle fingers to fish larvae and insects out of tree trunks for food.
Hira, a 10-year-old female aye-aye previously caged at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, will be put on show soon after her arrival at Taipei Zoo Monday.
ANCIENT RELATIVESBoth Propotto and the Egyptian primate were ancient relatives of the aye-aye, which branched out into the lemur family tree.
Last year, a pair of salty sea dogs said "aye-aye do" and got hitched at a pirate weekend.
The three moggies, named Aye-Aye, Kane and Plankton, were rescued by carers at Cramar Cat Sanctuary in the last few weeks.
"The title is derived from a certain type of animal that sources its nutrition by means of scanning and tapping surfaces -- here one could think of the woodpecker and the aye-aye. The exhibition ...
Which of the following is a species of lemur native to Madagascar: Aye-Aye or Nay-Nay?
The enlightening aspect of this book is that we are introduced to a little known creature, the Aye-Aye lemur from Madagascar.
They also risk kidnap in search of the Northern White Rhino; seek out a gremlin-like creature, the Aye-Aye, that is thought to bring bad luck; and search for the large, gentle Amazonian Manatee.
"Ambling about the park for the letter Aa approaches an Alligator allying with an Aye-aye and a host of affable walk-alongs."