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The 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. See Table at alphabet.

[Hebrew 'ayin, eye, ayin; see ʕyn in Semitic roots.]


(ˈɑːjɪn; Hebrew ˈajiːn)
(Letters of the Alphabet (Foreign)) the 16th letter in the Hebrew alphabet (ע), originally a pharyngeal fricative, that is now silent and transliterated by a raised inverted comma (`)


(ˈɑ yɪn, ˈɑ yin)

the 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
[1875–80; < Hebrew ‘ayin literally, eye]
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Noun1.ayin - the 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabetayin - the 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
Hebraic alphabet, Hebrew alphabet, Hebrew script - a Semitic alphabet used since the 5th century BC for writing the Hebrew language (and later for writing Yiddish and Ladino)
alphabetic character, letter of the alphabet, letter - the conventional characters of the alphabet used to represent speech; "his grandmother taught him his letters"
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It was likely first used in medieval Germany, as a translation from the Hebrew b'li ayin hara, according to Rivka Ulmer, professor of Jewish studies at Bucknell University and author of The Evil Eye in the Bible and Rabbinic Litera-lure.
In fact, visualized in the form of a point on the circumference of a circle, the highest point of spiritual achievement in bitul, termed "the essence of the Ein Sof" or "the true ayin," is at once a lowly and exalted state, given the utter humility of this condition (181).
that Israeli armed settlers from the illegal Beit Ayin settlement, under the
Basvuru esnasinda olgularin 72'si (%38,3), cerrahi uygulama esnasinda ise 48'i (%25,5) 24 ayin altindaydi.
The Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mohsen Pak Ayin had previously disclosed that his nation had strategy to improve economic ties with Azerbaijan more, because Iran s four provinces share their borders with Azerbaijan.
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Iki ayin altindaki cocuklarda artmis absorbsiyon ve/ veya irritasyon nedeniyle topikal kullanimindan kacinmak veya dikkatli olmak gerekir.
Science Citation Index Expanded'a girmeden onceki son yilimiz olan 2008 yilinda dergimize 23 arastirma, 36 olgu sunumu, 3 tane ayin olgusu gonderildi ve sekiz yazardan da derleme isteginde bulunuldu.
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Minister of Foreign Affairs Ruslan Kazakbaev and Chinese Minister of Justice U Ayin signed an Agreement on transfer of imprisoned persons.