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 (ā′yə, ī′yə, ā-yŭ′)
interj. New England
Used to express agreement.
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As for ayurveda, it is the Indian knowledge (veda) of life (ayuh) and wellbeing.
La palabra Ayurveda procede de las raices sanscritas "ayuh" o 'vida', y "vidya" o 'saber'.
Outsiders tend to base their notions on books, movies and television, and in all three, the down-easters of Maine are portrayed as good-natured bumpkins, stoically and stubbornly sticking to their forefathers' ways, and answering questions from strangers with "Ayuh'' or "Nope'' or similarly monosyllabic constructions.
Ayuh, menyumbang melalui Tabung Kecemasan Aqsa Syarif Bantuan dan sumbangan akan dihantar segera ke Gaza [Ayuda Emergencia para Gaza.
(29) Weinstock (1983:125-126) suggested a link between the abode of Tenangkai and the setangkai movement of Ampah, which came about in the mid-1900s as a millenarian reaction against the Dutch colonial resettlement program for the Luangan (from the Luang River to more accessible areas in the Teweh, Ayuh, and Ampah region) and against "the 1910 ordinance forcing the Luangan to form nucleated villages": "Limited to Ampah, setangkai originated in one extended family and does not appear to have spread beyond this group.
nasti strinam prthagyajno na vratam napy upofitam | patim susrusate yat tu tena svarge muhiyate || patyau jivati ya yosid upavasavratam caret | ayuh sa harate bhurtur narakam caiva gacchati || Vigui 25.14-16.
Like Homer, he speaks in an undiluted Maine dialect full of ayuh's and dropped g's, and like Homer he is in his sixties or early seventies.
It derives its name from the Sanskrit words ayuh, meaning "longevity" and veda, meaning "knowledge." Proper therapeutic remedies are prescribed only after determining a person's physical and mental characteristics (dosha).
Antonio Tellez pregunta: "auh in quenin quimonequiltiya senor visorrey mach ayuh mochiuaz tictotlacamachitizque yehica ytech catqui yn atltepetl Tlaxcalan quitlazotla quimaui[zti]lia ma ye mochiua yn quimonequiltia senor visorrey" (/604/), [Y en cuanto a lo que quiere el virrey, ?Acaso no se hara asi?
Those who say "ayuh" are probably newcomers trying to pass as natives or people making movies.
Aku nyi batuh ayuh nga susah ashung = I watch him with some uneasiness, xxii.