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Noun1.azadirachtin - insecticideazadirachtin - insecticide        
neem seed - seed of neem trees; source of pesticides and fertilizer and medicinal products
organic compound - any compound of carbon and another element or a radical
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Azadirachtin Salannin Meliantriol and Nimbin have been reported to possess insecticidal properties.
Azadirachtin is one of isolated compounds from neem with wide applications in herbal medicine, healthcare products and pesticides [6, 7].
Many compounds such as limonoids, azadirone, azadirachtin, and flavonoids, having therapeutic potential, have been isolated from various parts of neem tree and have been evaluated for their pharmacological actions and plausible medicinal applications along with their safety evaluation.
Morgan, "Effects of the neem tree compounds azadirachtin, salannin, nimbin, and 6-desacetylnimbin on ecdysone 20-monooxygenase activity," Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology, vol.
(2004) after treatment of the male Pectinophora gossypiella (Lepidoptera: Gelechidae) with azadirachtin.
Acaricidal effects of cardiac glycosides, azadirachtin and neem oil against the camel tick, Hyalomma dromedaril (Acari: Ixodidae) .
Oviposition bioassay responses of Culex tarsalis and Culex quinquefasciatus to neem products containing azadirachtin. Entomol Exp Appl 1999; 91: 337-45.
[17.] Thomas L and BI Murray Insect growth regulating effects of neem extract and azadirachtin on aphids.
In the Bio Pesticides business, the Company offers a unique neem extract, Azadirachtin, having a good demand in the developed countries' bio pesticide markets.
The isoprenoids include diterpenoids (namely sugiol, nimbiol, margasone) and triterpenoids containing protomeliacins, liminoids, azadirone and its derivatives, genudin and its derivatives, vilarin type of compounds and C-secomeliacins such as nimbin, salannin and azadirachtin. The first compound to be studied was nimbin.