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 (ə-zē′ə-trōp′, ā′zē-)
A liquid mixture of two or more substances that boils at a constant characteristic temperature lower or higher than any of its components and that retains the same composition in the vapor state as in the liquid state.

[a- + Greek zein, to boil; see zeolite + Greek -tropos, turning; see -tropous.]

a′ze·o·trop′ic (ā′zē-ə-trŏp′ĭk, -trō′pĭk) adj.
a′ze·ot′ro·py (-ŏt′rə-pē) n.
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(Elements & Compounds) a mixture of liquids that boils at a constant temperature, at a given pressure, without change of composition
[C20: from a-1 + zeo-, from Greek zein to boil + -trope]
azeotropic adj
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(əˈzi əˌtroʊp, ˈeɪ zi-)
any liquid mixture having constant minimum and maximum boiling points and distilling off without decomposition and in a fixed ratio.
[1910–15; a-6 + Greek zé(ein) to boil + -o- + -trope]
a•ze•o•trop•ic (ˌeɪ zi əˈtrɒp ɪk, -ˈtroʊ pɪk) adj.
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(azeotropic mixtures) A mixture of liquids which boils without a change in composition. When it boils it gives off a vapor whose composition is the same as the liquid.
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Water remains were discharged at atmospheric pressure in the form of azeotrope with benzene; then DMSO was distilled in vacuum of a water jet pump.
ARM-42 is the first ternary (three component) blend to be classified as an azeotrope and receive an R-5xx designation.
This apparatus with the HBPAA solution was also equipped with an azeotrope trap (filled with o-dichlorobenzene) bearing a condenser with a drying tube and a thermometer.
The main reason to the good performance to decrease the vapor depress of adipate derives should be contribute to the distribution of the adipates on the surface of methanol-gasoline, which prevents the formation of an azeotrope with low boiling point.
The completion of this stage was controlled by the temperature falling down to 73[degrees]C and by the volume of the EtOH distilled off as an azeotrope (~75% of the theoretical value).
The solution was stirred for 12 hours in room temperature until azeotrope solution.
In addition, it is a non-flammable stable azeotrope needing no testing for acid acceptance or stabilising additives, easy to use and maintain and safer for employees and the workplace.
Nguyen took Seago's concerns to heart and made appropriate changes, and Seago went on to co-direct Sound's world premiere at Seattle's ACT Theatre (copresented with Azeotrope) with Desdemona Chiang.
Pervaporation separation of organic azeotrope using poly(dimethyl siloxane)/clay nanocomposite membranes.
The synthesis of new polymer VALPOx with active carboxylic acid moiety was achieved via conventional aromatic nucleophilic substitution polymerization technique from 4,4,-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl) valeric acid and 2,5-bis(4-fluorophenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole; the polycondensation was carried out at elevated temperature in NMP/toluene azeotrope in presence of anhydrous pulverised potassium carbonate as catalyst.