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 (ăz′īd, ā′zīd)
n. Chemistry
The univalent linear group N3, or any compound that contains this group, many of which are explosive.

az′i·do′ (ăz′ĭ-dō′) adj.
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1. (Elements & Compounds) any compound containing the monovalent group –N3 or the monovalent ion N3
2. (Elements & Compounds) (modifier) consisting of, containing, or concerned with the group –N3 or the ion N3: azide group or radical.
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(ˈæz aɪd, -ɪd, ˈeɪ zaɪd, ˈeɪ zɪd)

any compound containing the univalent group NH3, as sodium azide.
[1905–10; see azo, -ide]
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Noun1.azide - a chemical compound containing the azido group combined with an element or radical
hydrazoite - a salt of hydrazoic acid
chemical compound, compound - (chemistry) a substance formed by chemical union of two or more elements or ingredients in definite proportion by weight
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The energetic binders can contribute to the high energy and low signature containing azide group and is widely studied.
Both mercuric chloride (Hg[Cl.sub.2]) and azide salts (K[N.sub.3] or Na[N.sub.3]) have been noted for their effectiveness in soil sterilisation (Wolf and Skipper 1994).
We were able to obtain one tranconjugant carrying mcr-1 gene and it was selected on Luria-Bertani agar supplemented with 150 [micro]g/mL sodium azide and 2 [micro]g/mL colistin.
Antigens stored at -20AdegC and 25AdegC showed visible agglutination up to 90 and 30 days post preservation respectively in presence of both preservatives thimerosal sodium and sodium azide, separately, while no change in agglutination reaction was observed for antigen stored at 4AdegC throughout the whole storage period of 6 months.
reported a role of in situ click chemistry to explain bio-orthogonal 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of azide and alkynes in HIV-1-Pr inhibition [31].
Diazide monomers were either presynthesized or formed in consequence of in situ azidation, by interaction of [alpha],[omega]-dibromoalkanes with sodium azide. The click PEs were obtained using CuBr as a catalyst via SGP by interaction of diester diyne monomers either with presynthesized dangerous diazide monomers or using more safe one-pot synthesis comprising in situ azidation.
In the last 30 years, complexes formed by azide ([N.sub.3.sup.-]) and several transition metallic species have been investigated aiming at obtaining information about their coordination nature [2, 7, 12, 13], and developing new analytical methodologies [10, 14-18], such as calculation of other parameters of interest[19], determination of the equilibrium constant of successive complexes [20, 21], and establishment of thermodynamic parameters [13, 22].
This amino acid contains an azide group which is widely used in "click" reactions that only occur at that position in the protein.
in 2010 used CuS[O.sub.4] reduced by sodium ascorbate to catalyze O-acetyl-[alpha]-L-arabinopyranosyl azide and phenyl acetylene and found yields unsatisfactory at 54% [19].
In case of sodium azide condition, around 20% of cells survived in 16-hour incubation regardless of IL-7 treatment, while cell viability was maintained by 6 hours (Supplemental Figure 1, right).
A mixture of furo[2,3-d][1,3]oxazinone 3 (1.5 g, 5 mmol) and sodium azide (0.65 g, 5 mmol) in glacial acetic acid (15 mL) was heated under reflux for 3 hrs.