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1. The horizontal angular distance from a reference direction, usually the northern point of the horizon, to the point where a vertical circle through a celestial body intersects the horizon, usually measured clockwise. Sometimes the southern point is used as the reference direction, and the measurement is made clockwise through 360°.
2. The horizontal angle of an observer's bearing, measured clockwise from a reference direction such as true north.
3. The horizontal angle of a projectile's motion, measured relative to a reference direction such as true north.

[Middle English azimut, from Old French, from Arabic as-sumūt, pl. of as-samt, the way, compass bearing : al-, the + samt, way (from Latin sēmita, path; see mei- in Indo-European roots).]

az′i·muth′al (-mŭth′əl) adj.
az′i·muth′al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.azimuthal - of or relating to or in azimuth
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the system has an azimuthal symmetry, so that [partial derivative]/[partial derivative][phi] = 0, [phi]-azimuth angle;
The azimuthal dependence of the field E(p,[phi]) is given by periodic harmonic functions sin(m[phi]) and cos(m[phi]), where m is the mode's azimuthal order.
The proposed antenna is viewed in Azimuthal plane having [phi] = constant plane that contains the pattern's maximum.
According to Huang and El-Genk [8], the circular conventional impinging jets enhance heat transfer, but produce non uniform azimuthal distributions of the local and surface average Nusselt numbers.
In heavy oil applications, reservoir cap rock integrity, which can be inferred from azimuthal anisotropy, is important in order to avoid catastrophic effects of escaping steam during steam-assisted enhanced oil recovery.
The mathematical significance of azimuthal quantum number l is that it specifies the number of angular nodes of an amplitude function--i.
The only way the comparison can be justified is if the 45-deg beam has a wider azimuthal extent than the 5-deg beam, which is the opposite of what will happen if the fixtures are illuminating the same height and width of the wall.
The azimuthal flow of electromagnetic field is given by [E.
This was introduced at ODS in 2012 (Extraordinary Transmission for an Effective See-through DOVID) and then at ODS 2014 (Plasmon Science for a Novel Metallic Glance with a Dramatic and Azimuthal Colour Shift) prior to this year, where Jean Sauvage-VIncent from SURYS combined transmission and reflection with the Introduction of the Plasmogram[TM].