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 (ăz′ēn′, ā′zēn′)
1. Any of a group of organic compounds resulting from the condensation reaction of hydrazine and two carbonyl groups.
2. A six-membered heterocyclic compound, such as pyridine, that contains one or more atoms of nitrogen with a ring structure resembling that of benzene.
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(ˈeɪziːn; -zɪn)
(Elements & Compounds) any organic compound having a six-membered ring containing at least one nitrogen atom. See also diazine, triazine
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(ˈæz in, -ɪn, ˈeɪ zin, ˈeɪ zɪn)

any of a group of six-membered heterocyclic compounds containing one or more nitrogen atoms in the ring.
[1885–90; see azo, -ine2]
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The potassium metal ion is forming a bond with a nitrogen atom of azine nitrogens, two bonds with the oxygen atoms of the two hydroxyl ions and four bonds with the four sulfide ions of thiol moieties of four different thiadiazole rings.
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Many researchers have reported the synthesis, phase behavior, curing behavior, and thermal properties of various LCERs that include several basic rigid rod mesogenic group types, such as biphenyl [12-17], ester [18-24], [alpha]-methylstilbene [25-30], azine [31-33], and naphthalene [34, 35], The biphenol-based LCER synthesized by Su [12] showed a high glass transition temperature ([T.sub.g]) and a low CTE.
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