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 (ăz′ŏth, -ôth)
Mercury considered in alchemy to be the primary source of all metals.

[Middle English azoc, from Old French, from Arabic az-zā'uq, the mercury : al-, the + zā'uq, mercury (from Syriac zīwag, of Iranian origin; see gwei- in Indo-European roots).]
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1. (Alchemy) the alchemical name for mercury, esp when regarded as the first principle of all metals
2. (Alchemy) the panacea postulated by Paracelsus
[from Arabic az-zā'ūq the mercury]
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(ˈæz ɒθ)

1. mercury, regarded by alchemists as the assumed first principle of all metals.
2. the universal remedy of Paracelsus.
[1470–80; « Arabic az zā'ūq the quicksilver]
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