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A form of urban dance originating in New York in the late 1970s, combining a Charleston-like step with bends, spins, and moves in which the body is briefly supported by the hands. Also called rocking.
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For 'Yatra', talent from different dance genres like Indian classical, contemporary, b-boying, and hip hop will converge on stage.
He got his start in the urban scene through parkour and b-boying and says his initial graffiti was more of just shoe prints on walls while running on them or back-flipping off them.
Salim al Harrasi, Oman's B-boying wizard popularly known as B-boy Sindbad, last week won the Red Bull BC One Middle East Cypher 2019 and has qualified to participate in the world finals to be held in Mumbai, India, in November.
WEDNESDAY THE CUBAN BROTHERS Miguel Mantovani and Hermanos Cubanos bring their outrageous mix of comedy, funk and old school B-Boying to Oran Mor, Glasgow.
It started with a fusion music-and-dance performance mixed with Korean traditional percussion music a known as "samulnori" in Korean a by Kwanggaeto Art Company and a B-boying performance by the Marubadak Breakers.
The two-day extravaganza was kicked off with fanfare and authentic Korean performances such as Nanta (non-verbal performance) and B-boying (by Gambler Crew) flown from South Korea.
B-boying, B-girling, krumping, locking, and popping are predominantly taught and a special Afro-dance for women has also been included in their list of dance forms due to public demand.
From house, popping, locking and b-boying, there are seemingly endless street styles to choose from--and their virtues are endless, too.
We call it languages including hip hop, classical ballet, Bharatanatyam and then there is this new hip hop dance form which is sort of B-boying that we have incorporated into our style.
Experts in parkour - a style of military-inspired free running - and B-boying, or break-dancing, the troupe returns to the Lawrence Batley Theatre.
"My background is in B-boying and breakdancing but because it's a contemporary school the audition expects some kind of contemporary technique," said Robert.
6: Def Con 5, a Portland- based hip-hop crew that started in Eugene in 1992, showcasing B-boying, DJing, emceeing, beat-boxing and graffiti art.