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A form of urban dance originating in New York in the late 1970s, combining a Charleston-like step with bends, spins, and moves in which the body is briefly supported by the hands. Also called rocking.
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The two-day extravaganza was kicked off with fanfare and authentic Korean performances such as Nanta (non-verbal performance) and B-boying (by Gambler Crew) flown from South Korea.
The show features a mix of Hip-Hop, contemporary dance, classical ballet, street jazz, Afro-jazz, Dancehall, B-boying and Latin American styles, reflecting the diversity and the wealth of talent within the local community.
B-boying, B-girling, krumping, locking, and popping are predominantly taught and a special Afro-dance for women has also been included in their list of dance forms due to public demand.
From house, popping, locking and b-boying, there are seemingly endless street styles to choose from--and their virtues are endless, too.
We call it languages including hip hop, classical ballet, Bharatanatyam and then there is this new hip hop dance form which is sort of B-boying that we have incorporated into our style.
Experts in parkour - a style of military-inspired free running - and B-boying, or break-dancing, the troupe returns to the Lawrence Batley Theatre.
My background is in B-boying and breakdancing but because it's a contemporary school the audition expects some kind of contemporary technique," said Robert.
6: Def Con 5, a Portland- based hip-hop crew that started in Eugene in 1992, showcasing B-boying, DJing, emceeing, beat-boxing and graffiti art.
When I started teaching overseas, I also like to bring forth the message that B-Boying is much bigger than just the competitions
Other workshops will include two-hour sessions of Creativity and Training in B-Boying by dancer B-Boy Frankie tomorrow at 6pm and on Friday at noon and Saturday at 3pm.
B-Boying with Ballerinas, as well as the Anniversary Celebration Parade takes place in the mall, featuring animal characters in colourful costumes.
Jonzi has been actively involved in British hip hop culture, rapping and B-boying since the early 1980s.