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 (bā′tə-glo͞o′kăn′ -kən)
Any of various polysaccharides, such as cellulose, that are composed of glucose monomers and are found chiefly in the cell walls of fungi and plants, especially oats and barley. Beta-glucans are added to foods as a source of dietary fiber and are used as dietary supplements.
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Parameters###Control###Irradiated (5 Gy)###8-glucan###Irradiated + b-glucan
It's likely to be aimed firmly at the health food sector, as naked oats are low in b-glucan (good for blood pressure) and are slow to break down, ideal for diabetics.
Finn Cereal processes oats in order to extract oat bran, which is rich in B-glucan, a component that controls cholesterol by stabilizing blood glucose and insulin.
Other actives available from Dragoco include Farnesol, a bacteriostatic deodorant; B-glucan, an oat derivative to help prevent UV-induced skin aging and a wheat bran extract that is said to impart a film on hair to improve wet comb, reduce electrostatic charge and give luster and volume to hair.
Even relatively lucid scientific studies contain lines like "The final analysis was based on a 'pre protocol' basis since the study objective was to test a dose-response relationship of B-glucan on serum lipids.
In all there were some sixty or more presentations and we haven't the space to detail them all here but a selection of the titles runs as follows: Concepts of dietary fibre; Changes in dietary fibre polymers during storage and cooking; Chemical and physicochemical properties of fibres from algal extraction by-products; Biosynthesis of the hemicellulose, glucuronoxylan, in plant fibre; Evaluation of dietary fibre methods and the distribution of B-glucan among various fibre fractions; Analysis of the dietary fibre from Olea Europaea (Gordal and Manzilla var.